You Have 2 Options In This Years Draft...What Do YOU Do?

You have the top pick in the draft & teams are calling you to trade up to that spot, what would you do?

1) Draft Marcus Smart to become your PG of the future?


2) Trade down, pick up an asset(s) & draft Trey Burke to become your PG of the future?

IMO it comes down to whether or not you covet defense or offense from your PG position.

I would roll with number 2, because first of all ANY asset(s) is valuable in the NBA these days, & secondly I covet offense from my PG position. The PG should be able to do it all on the court, from ball handling, to shooting, & play making, Burke IMO excels at all 3 over Smart.

Burkes OFFENSIVE numbers compared to Smarts

PPG- 19 > 15
FG%- 50 > 41
3P%- 40 > 30
FT%- 79 > 78
AST- 7 > 4
Turnovers- 2 < 3
Free Throw Attempts Per Game- 4 < 6

Burkes ADVANCED OFFENSIVE numbers compared to Smarts

Player Efficiency Rating- 31 > 25
True Shooting %- 60 > 54
Effective FG %- 57 > 46
Assist %- 40 > 28
Turnover %- 10 < 19
Usage %- 27 > 26
Total Points Produced- 545 > 416
Offensive Rating- 132 > 108
Offensive Win Shares- 4 > 2

Smarts DEFENSIVE numbers compared to Burkes

RBG- 6 > 3
STL- 3 > 1
BLK- 0.8 > 0.4

Smarts ADVANCED DEFENSIVE numbers compared to Burkes

Offensive Rebound %- 6 > 2
Defensive Rebound %- 14 > 9
Total Rebound %- 10 > 6
Steal %- 5 > 3
Block %- 3 > 1
Defensive Rating (estimate of points allowed per 100 poss)- 84 < 97
Defensive Win Shares- 3 > 2

One dominates the other in the offensive categories & one dominates the other in defensive categories......


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I'd take Burke over Smart straight up. I love Burke's game and think he will be a great point guard in the NBA.

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I agree. I don't get why

I agree.

I don't get why Burke gets hate for his lack of athleticism from a lot of ppl, but Smart gets none? The first time I watched Smart play I thought he was gonna be explosive & really quick....def not.

I know he has great size, but the size thing is way over played.

Smart is 6'4" 225
Burke is 6'1" 190......(for instance CP3 weighs in around 175)...NO IM NOT COMPARING THEM!

Everybody loves the fact that Smart gets to the line a bunch, but he BETTER if he is gonna be shooting 40% from the field.

At 6'4" he should have a mismatch every single game at the college level at the PG position. Shooting 40% is pretty terrible.

I think Smart will be a very good player in the NBA....just not at the point.

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Burke's lack of size,

Burke's lack of size, speed,quickness and inability to break defenders down 1 on 1 at an elite level scare me.

Give me Smart and Smart's younger.

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most likely....

marucs smart to orlando and trey burke to utah jazz.

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Joey Gladstone

CP3 is heavier than 175, he's around 190ish

I think Smart's defensive abilities and size for his position will give him the nod over Burke.

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I was just going off of ESPN

I was just going off of ESPN & Basketball Reference.

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I'll take Smart, dudes a winner with good size and and good defender. I just think Burke will struggle with his size/athleticism at the next level. I don't think he can be a starter getting heavy minutes but could make for a nice backup. Besides, I don't think anyone is trading UP in this draft.

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I have Burke as my #3 PG in

I have Burke as my #3 PG in the draft. I think he'll be a good guy to have off the bench at the next level, but I just don't buy him as a good starting PG in the NBA. It's hard to put my finger on why exactly, but he seems kinda like the basketball version of a system QB. He struggles to create on his own, struggles to get separation, but he plays in an offensive system that puts him in a great position, has great spacing, and has great shooters and capable big men to pass to. Smart and MCW seem more like two guys that can be successful no matter what the system/supporting cast is. Smart has been amazing this year (and Burke has too, not trying to downplay him). MCW has been pretty good, but I think he's in an awful system for himself and he's still playing at possibly a 3rd team All-American level. I expect him to be a better NBA player than a college player. I don't get that feeling with Burke.

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I'd like to see the numbers from the pre-draft camp. I will say this though, Smart has taken a beating this year and can take the rigors of the NBA much better than Burke. I'm not saying Burke won't be good but I've seen way too many lithe, smaller guards miss tons of time due to injuries. Having watched Smart (I'm a KU grad) I know that bugger never gives up and enjoys the game. Haven't seen Burke as much though.

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Burke All Day

Burke is probably the best overall PG prospect in this yrs draft. Again, not to compare him to CP3 in terms of overall talent, but he has the same kind of demeanor, court awareness, and shifty dribbling ability to be a very good NBA PG and a Jarrett Jack-type (smaller though) player at the very least.

His first yr he had bad shot selection, this year he has become a complete PG knowing when to pass and when to score. Marcus Smart is good and should be a solid NBA player but I don't see a star. I just have a thing against college players who shoot low FG%...those shots are only gonna get tougher in the league.

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If any team in the lottery

If any team in the lottery knows whats actually best for them, I would really try to trade out of it for one of these bad teams in panic mode and get an extra lottery pick next year. This draft blows. And I have no faith in Trey Burke at the NBA level. He looks like a good college player. But lacks so many essential skills and athletic traits to making the NBA transition.

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Burkes defensive stats are

Burkes defensive stats are bad, and Smart's are elite. Young guys often shoot a low percentage. But guys who can't rebound, steal or block, can never learn to rebound, steal and block.

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This is such an easy choice.

This is such an easy choice. You have 2 prospects who are both low-risk prospects, but one of them has a much a higher reward (Marcus Smart). If you need a PG and are in position to draft Smart, you have to do it. This is not the NFL Draft where trading down for more draft picks to get more out of a draft pick. NBA Draft is totally different, you draft the best player you think can fill one of the starting 5 positions, where in the NFL you draft mostly on building roster depth.

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