Yi Jianlian Joining the Mavs

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Yi Jianlian Joining the Mavs

Dallas Mavericks have recalled Yi Jianlian from the D - League. He should be ready and suited up for tonight game.

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I would have left him down

I would have left him down there a few more games to make sure this aggresive Yi was a real/consistant thing

(unless there was some kind of deal about his NBADL time not being that long)

Johnny Chill
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Another soft, overrated player on the Mavs. They are getting ready for next year when Dwight Howard and Deron Williams becomes a free agents.

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I think he could benefit from

I think he could benefit from Dirk and learn his moves and become a good Pf in the league .

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Big Pick Up

Yi is a great pick up..his career was derailed by goin to that trash of a team we call the Washington Wizards...every notice how anybody who goes to the wizards takes a MAJOR STEP BACK in their career. Yi can ball and being put on a team with a winning atmosphere I expect him to step it up. I mean he's not an all-star so stop looking for him to be one

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