Yi Jianlian

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Yi Jianlian

Seriously, what has happened to this guy? 3 or 4 years ago his nba career was promising. A versatile guy who has a lot of "Potential". It's just a shame that he was given a hype that Lin did not get when he was yet to wear a knicks uniform. Quite frankly, This Yi guy has not yet achieve trhoughout his nba career what Lin has done for the past 2 weeks.

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Two different positions two

Two different positions two different players one ignorant topic. Only thing in common is looks thats like me saying Greg monroe has done more in his past 2 years that patty mills has done his whole career

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He saw that Jeremy Lin had taken Yao's place as the Asian phenom and so he just sort of gave up

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It's sad that all of that

It's sad that all of that potential has been wasted. A 7-footer with a pure Jumpshot and great athleticism don't come along every day. It's just too bad that he's just so damn soft that he can't establish any sort of low post position. It's actually comical how bad he is strength-wise. His chances of flourishing look bleak, hopefully Dirk can rub off on him, but h seems like a bust at this point.

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He needs to play with Andrew

He needs to play with Andrew Bynum or Dwight Howard.

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Dont forget

His career is not over he is still 7 foot 250 pounds with alot of skill great jump shot ect.. not the best player on D but i think he deserves more minutes esp with Branden Wright in front of him ony due to Wrights athleticsm which i hate but like the guy before said hes going to learn alot from Dirk it will not be the last time we hear the name Yi Jianlian

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System and team

Some times it depends which team selects you and the system in place

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