Yet another World Championship injury as Nocioni's Ankle Forces Him To Withdraw

The Philadelphia 76ers announced that due to forward Andres Nocioni's injured left ankle, the team has advised him to withdraw from the upcoming FIBA World Championships, effective immediately.

The MRI of Nocioni's left ankle was reviewed by Dr. Jack McPhilemy of Main Line Health Services, who recommended that Nocioni stop all basketball and impact activity until the team opens Training Camp at the end of September, at which time he will be re-evaluated.

Upon Nocioni's return to Philadelphia, another MRI will be taken of his left ankle.

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this is sad.that someone gets

this is sad.that someone gets hurt..but its good for team usa..becuz Argentina & Pueto Rico guard play have gaving the Americans hell the past few years...

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this sucks

this sucks big dick. it's more competitive and fun to watch with dawgs like nocioni and calderon in there.

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