Yet another team in trouble with the NCAA

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Yet another team in trouble with the NCAA

Put. The. Phones. Down. UT-Chattanoogawas placed on two years probation by the NCAA for “major” violations that AGAIN included a situation where the head coach John Shulman was busily texting recruits during a no-contact period. The Mocs will not suffer a postseason ban as a result of these violations, but we simply cannot understand why coaches continue to fall victim to such an easily traceable mistake. Every husband in the entire world knows that you don’t text or call your mistress using the phone that your wife can access — yet coaches seem oblivious to this codified man-law, so time and time again we see problems arise in this area. Gary Parrish discussed this last week, but coaches have proven to be slow on the uptick here. Get some burners, fellas — hell, use Skype — just stop this nonsense already.

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Becoming as common as

Becoming as common as steroids in MLB.

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Why the hell would you do

Why the hell would you do anything against the rules that can be so easily traced?

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Coach Purl wasn't using the

Coach Purl wasn't using the school phone some one told on did the NCAA get pic of him and those kids in his house..

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