Yet another reason Stern's a friggin' hypocrite

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Yet another reason Stern's a friggin' hypocrite

Report: NBA will not discipline Miami Heat for sitting three starters

The NBA says it has no plans to discipline the Miami Heat for three starters sitting out last night’s 88-86 victory against the San Antonio Spurs, reports

Heat forward LeBron James (right hamstring), guard Dwyane Wade (ankle) and guard Mario Chalmers (ankle) sat out the game, but forward Chris Bosh hit a three-pointer with less than two seconds left to secure the victory.

The last time the two teams met on Nov. 29, San Antonio rested starters Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green and Miami went on to win the game 105-100. The NBA fined San Antonio $250,000 for the incident because the team did not give the NBA or Miami prior notice of the players’ absences.

The Heat have a four-game lead over the Spurs with nine games to go in the race for the league’s best record.

As epic a season LeBron is having, I really hope the Spurs win the title, for the sole reason of Stern having to hand the championship trophy to Pop, lmao

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If they are injured they are

If they are injured they are injured, I'm sure they would have played if it was a game 7 but it wasn't. Pop sent his players home just to rest and because that game was on national television Stern fined him. I don't know what the problem is here.

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They would have played if it

They would have played if it was game 1, round 1 of the playoffs. Miami just managed the situation better.

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if i was david stern i

if i was david stern i wouldnt really care about this. If anything its probably good because IF the heat lose then thats a loss for them and makes things more even between the records in the nba. i dont know i mean its a little ridiculous sitting all 3 of them but smart. who wants to risk an injury now?

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Although I don't believe the

Although I don't believe the Spurs should have been fined or apprehended, the Miami Heat handled the situation the way you're supposed to (According to Stern's logic), by letting the league know in advance and having proper reasons.

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Wait, hold on, I get Stern is

Wait, hold on, I get Stern is a disliked commish, but these were really two separate things.

Pop sent The big 3 and Green HOME, they weren't injured, they weren't sick, he just sent them HOME to rest, in NOVEMBER, didn't notify the league, the Heat or anybody, and they did that for a game that was NATIONALLY broadcast.

Spoelstra notified the league and the Spurs ahead of time, he rested Lebron, Wade and Chalmers and they were IN the building, he rested them two games removed from a gruesome 27 game winstreak close to the season's end in LATE MARCH. And it was a REGIONALLY televised game.

These were two separate things, although I don't believe the Spurs should have been fined, Miami shouldn't be fined at all.

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don't worry

he'll be retiring next year and we just need to hope that adam silver will be a good replacement

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He has been groomed from Stern and has suckled his teat for years. I expect nothing to be different, at least not for a long time. He will act as his mentor did untill/if he feels comfortable to be his own comish.

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Unlike the Spurs situation, the Heat have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO PLAY FOR. The Spurs benched their starters in the middle of the season, while fighting for playoff spots, while the Heat have clinched the #1 seed with ten games left to go. Completely different circumstances.

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