yet another mock draft

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yet another mock draft

My mock draft is on the side. I dont think wha will happen much out of the lottery but i think that i got the lottery pretty good. Feel free to share your thoughts

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Kanter , Vesely, and Thompson

A few things:

Kanter will not fall out of the top 3. Utah will select if he is available because they will go for the best player available. He can play Center or Utah can put him at the 4 while Favors plays the 5. They can always deal Jefferson if they select Kanter.

The Wizards are high on both Vesely and Kanter. Of course they won't get Kanter unless they up to a top 3 pick, but Vesely is definitely within their reach and I would not expect him to go lower than 6th.

I'm not really impressed by Klay Thompson. I don't think he's lottery worthy. He's not that athletic and his attitude worries me. Utah is going to select a certain player if he has a bad attitude. Interviews are really important to them. I think Hamilton is a better lottery prospect than Thompson is. But I do think Thompson is worthy of a top 20 pick just not a lottery pick.

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I don't feel Trey Thompkins

I don't feel Trey Thompkins is a top 20 pick, I feel most likely, he'll be an early 2nd rounder. He measured pretty well as far as height and length, but he was at 15% body fat which was the highest of the class.

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