This years tournament

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This years tournament

Most of you can agree this year has torn apart alot brackets mine included but when i sit back this has probably been the most fun ive ever had watching a tournament. I remember losing my cool when erving walker of florida made that crazy layup against ucla and brandon knights heroics. don't get me started about the butler and pitt game. Point is Im wondering what you guys thought of this years tournament. And who agrees deep down youd love to see vcu or butler win the championship.(barring in mind your not a wildcats and huskies fanatic no harm ment

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I agree

Im voting for Uconn since I picked them from the start, got everything else wrong, but it would be really cool for VCU or Butler(I think VCU wins that matchup) to win it all. This year is actually the most exciting tournament I have seen in recent years .

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I'm going to go with Butler.

I'm going to go with Butler. Just watching these kids will their way to wins is kind of refreshing to watch. Shelvin Mack and Matt Howard are just both winners. I had them losing to Old Dominion in the first round of everyone of my brackets because I thought Hayward carried that team last year through the tournament. Well, I guess it's safe to say that might not have been the whole story. These kids just get after it every night and don't take one play off the entire game. I hope they win a national championship for the mid-majors.

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I think this years tournament has been awesome, even with my bracket being killed. I was doing alright up until the sweet 16, and than the Elite 8 destroyed all of my chances, and I could have cared less. I always want to see amazing games and upsets, last second buzzer beaters and cinderella teams. Their was so much parity in college basketball this year that it seemed their was no true favorite. Every team had glaring weaknesses and in the end, many were exposed. The talent level was probably not at its highest as compared to past NCAA seasons, but some people really came through and showed they could be intriguing prospects.

In my mind, the lower the seeds that make the Final Four, the more interesting the season was. I would much rather see this Final Four than all #1 seeds, and in a wide open tournament, we were shown that really anything can happen in March. With the way the tournament is set up, one bad game or mistake could mean the end to a great team. Seen it happen countless times, and this tournament was living proof.

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