This Years Playoffs... Dissappointing?

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This Years Playoffs... Dissappointing?

For Me, This Years Playoffs is Totally Disappointing.
There have been few Gamewinning shots, how many game 7 series have been there??
There have been no upsets, LeBron didnt get to the Very Anticipated Kobe vs LeBron matchup, he choked completely against the Celts
It is nowhere near last year.
The 1st round last year, remember Bulls VS Celts??
This Year, the best series for me was the OKC Thunder vs Lakers
There were 3 sweeps in the conf semis
Have yall also been disappointed w/ this years playoffs??

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The refs have made the

The refs have made the playoffs more interesting lately

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Did you watch the game

Did you watch the game yesterday? Both the current series are great, and Cleveland-Boston was a good series too. I think the first round was boring, but since then, the action has picked up a little bit.

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damn blazers

you know why im upset with this post season

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I like this playoffs. You

I like this playoffs. You have a few new team come in and play well and they will have a future in the playoffs. The Suns beat the Spurs after years of losing to them. Orlando could upset Boston and come from 3-0. You could have a potential rematch of Lakers Boston

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Only 1 OT game the entire

Only 1 OT game the entire playoffs

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Yes it is always

Yes it is always disappointing when your team loses and REALLY underachieves. But it is more disheartening for us Cleveland fans because the future is very unclear...

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Yea One OT game caught my eye

Yea One OT game caught my eye alot of blowouts. Its been alright so far im a laker fan and my team still in there so i don't care :D

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The NBA Playoffs spoiled us

The NBA Playoffs spoiled us last year:

ATL vs MIA 7 games. MIA actually scored more points in the entire series, 617-611 but ATL won the series.

BOS vs CHI possibly the best 7 game series of all time

Only 1 sweep in the first round CLE over DET
2 game 7s in first round.
Ray Allen 51pts (3ot)

1 sweep in 2nd round, CLE over ATL
2 game 7s in 2nd round
the hurting rockets almost beat the LA Lakers
and Bost clashes with Orl in south beach

Conference Finals were exciting, game winners and buzzer beaters by LeBron
Players coming out of nowhere only to be the deciding factors in big games (shout out to Trevor Ariza)

NBA Finals.. 2 ots, if ORL would have won those 2, it's 3-2 Orl ontop instead of 4-1 LA wins.
Jameer nelson coming back from injury and recorded 4 pts and 2 asts in less than 3 minutes.

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@mikenike It's got to be


It's got to be very disheartening for you considering you said you thought the Celtics were too old to make it to the Finals this year. I remember saying that I thought it'd be the Lakers and Celtics and you replied... "Ewww they're too old."

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