This year's HS players and their Decisions

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This year's HS players and their Decisions

Just read an article on about this years HS players and how they are playing the waiting game this year. And how many of the so called "top" players are still holding out. What struck me about the article is how the author compared this years class to last years. Last year we had Austin Rivers, Brad Beal, the Kentucky 3some and many players who were "impact guys." This year we only have 2 guys imo (Noel and shabazz) who are even worth the time and wait. The author went on to say that if were supposed to be excited about where guys like Anthony Bennett or Amile Jefferson go then we shouldnt exactly be becuase of the quality of players. I felt this years high school class is was weak compared to the classes we have had the last few years and i think the al star games played thus far have also proved that. Besides Noel and shabazz i dont think anyone else is a sure 1 and done player. Im a huge Duke fan and while im happy we got rasheed suliamon im not overly ecstatic that he will change our program next year. and im not hanging off the edge of my seat to see if tony parker or Amile jefferson are coming to Duke either. Idk but it just feels to me that this years crop of guys dont have the "IT Factor" or that something that every other year of recruiting brings to fans. Does anyone else feel the same or understand where im coming from?

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People have been sleeping on

People have been sleeping on Alex Poythress...

He has the potential to be the best in his class.

I hate that Duke backed off of him, but I can definitely see him being the focal point of Kentucky's attack next year.

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In the little that I've seen

In the little that I've seen Poythress seems to be an exceptionally fluid athlete and solid fundamentals. I just can't pronounce his last name.

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JP tokoto is my sleeper for

JP tokoto is my sleeper for this class. I know he is only a 4 star, but i believe he will be a top 5 pick after his sophomore year. Roy has been recruiting a lot of 4 star player's, I am guessing because he thinks they will stick around longer.

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I think the number of stars a

I think the number of stars a player has can be deceiving. Wasn't Greg Paulus a five star PG coming out of Duke? How did he turn out? I mean, he sure got dunked on a lot at Duke. Look at the players ability and not the stars.

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100% agree, Poythress is my favorite player in the class and I think after Muhammad he is the 2nd best talent at this point.

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