This year's Draft in a nut shell

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This year's Draft in a nut shell

The Draft is going to be one of the most interesting ever...For the first time in a long time you have a Mega Free Agency and Mega Draft in the same year...In 3 years the landscape of the NBA will be change after June 24th and July 1st 2010...The draft break down into 3 major categories

1.Franchise Changing Players ( J.Wall, E.Turner, D.Cousins,D.Favors) For better or worse picks 1-5 will become pivotal pieces for the Franchise picking them going into the future...New Jersey, Was, Phila, Minnasota,Sac...All have evrything to gain and everything to lose...The Teams are all in trouble financially going forward(minus maybe the Nets with new owner and future NY arena) but as far as ticket sale and gross revenue all of these teams in the top 5 to 10 really need to hit home runs...Players like Cousins and Favors who are one in a decade type talents are being held in different standards because they can help a team out , they could become All Stars or they could get GM's fired and BUST...Much has been placed on the Incumbent number 1 pick John Wall...But if he doesn't change the culture of the Wizards of 2009 and save the team from itself he may be pegged as a BUST as well...A sure fire BBall legend in Evan Turner( who broke his back, Then returned and dominated) can't get a nod for the # 1 pick by any fan on any draft site...

2.Second Tier Draftee's that are sure to wreck a teams draft if they are drafted earlier than they should be...The second Half of the Top Ten are the picks most have fluctuating...IMO this half of the top ten is best suited for teams in need of the role player to put the over as opposed to the face of franchise status many top 10 guys get pegged to be...A team like Utah is an Example of a team that Has Great Team and simply need to find right role players to help get over the hill...Teams looking to stay in the hunt will have to try to trade for young talent to get it done...With the new economic climate in the NBA many teams could be looking to draft picks as the real future of the League...Star Contracts wrecking franchises and Teams looking to save money will value picks and youth over Star Contracts and Luxury Tax Hell...Many Teams cant afford the Luxury Tax and are fighting for their financial lives...

3.The Talent Gap between Top 5 and the rest of draft and the stars hiding in the weeds...
Wall..Turner...Cousins...Favors...are all sure things...Even if The bigs average 13/10 they will be good pick ups in the top 5...both have the big P word writen all over them..Wall and Turner will fight for ROTY honor...But the guys that fall after will have the chance to be very successful in this league...IMO Henry,Patterson,George,Babbit will be good Players from day one...Aminu could be the steal of the draft if ever real fulfills his true potential...Same goes for Ed Davis,Whiteside,Bledsoe,Stephenson...

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Hey I am this year draft I am

Hey I am this year draft I am trapped in a nutshell lol

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