This years draft

Ive read numerous threads on how weak this years draft is and yes it does lack that star #1 player. Many people say theres maybe not even an all star in this draft (maybe Shabazz people say) but its really the role players who fill out the team and make alot of differences. Watching these playoffs theres so many guys who are late 1st round or 2nd round draftees and are key performers on these playoff teams.

Just a few guys that ive come up with from some playoff teams are:

Serge Ibaka 24th pick, Reggie Jackson 24th pick, Chandler Parsons 38th pick, Omer Asik 36th pick, Patrick Beverly 42nd, Jeremy Lin undrafted, Ivan Johnson undrafted, Lance Stevenson 40th pick, Chris Andersen undrafted, Mario Chalmers 34th pick, Norris Cole 28th pick, Udonis Haslem undrafted, Brandon Bass 33rd pick, Reggie Evans undrafted, Gerald Wallace 28th pick, Andray Blatche 49th pick, Carlos Boozer 35th pick, Jimmy Butler 30th pick, Taj Gibson 26th pick, Wilson chandler 23rd pick, Kenneth Faried 22nd pick, David Lee 30th pick, Draymond Green 35th pick, Festus Ezeli 30th pick, Carl Landry 31st pick, Matt Barnes 46th pick, Deandre Jordan 35th pick, Marc Gasol 48th pick, Tony Allen 25th pick, Chris Copeland undrafted, Pablo Prigioni undrafted, Steve Novak 32nd pick, Tony Parker 28th pick, Manu Ginobili 57th pick, Danny Green 46th pick, Tiago Splitter 28th pick, Gary Neal undrafted, Monta Ellis 40th pick, Ersan Ilyasova 36th pick.

Sorry i kept goin because all of these guys are valuable pieces and even some main guys on playoff teams, I understand that some are foreign players or seniors that can contribute to playoff teams but my whole thing is Alot of these guys were written off by alot of teams and/or just fit in certain team systems, some are specialty players (3 pt shooters, rebounders, hustle players).

For everyone saying this year is weak it just depends which player gets drafted to which team and actually get a chance to shine. Shabazz is the name that comes up the most about all star but he will probably pan out to be a typical scorer on a bad team, The players above were all pretty much considered weak players when alot of players with "potential" were drafted ahead of them. This year probably 20 players will be key contributors on teams and some might shock people with the perfect fit and maybe some borderline allstars.

Every year is a good draft because thats why were all on this site and get excited like little kids to see who gets who (Ill forsure get negged for that last sentence)

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Exactly, guys who would be

Exactly, guys who would be great roll players in playoff teams are now going to be drafted by lotto teams who need starters and future stars not roll players off their bench.

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I get what your saying but..

Lets look at recent drafts (not including the last few because teams keep the rookie contracts) and ill include just the lottery players drafted who arent in the nba or arent key players(and just my opinion if theyre vital to their team)

2010 - Wesley Johnson, Ekpe Udoh, Al- farouq Aminu, Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry
2009 - Hasheem Thabeet, Johnny Flynn, Jordan Hill, Terrance Williams, Earl Clark(only started cause of injuries)
2008 - Micheal Beasley, Joe Alexander, Jason Thompson, Anthony Randolph
2007 - Yi Jlanlian, Branden Wright, Acie Law, Julian Wright, Al Thorton, Sean Williams
2006 - Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas, Shelden Williams, Patrick O'Bryant, Saer Sene, Hilton Armstrong, Cedric Simmons, Rodney Carney, (well i could go on and we all know 2006 was weak but theres only i think 8 players from first round still in the nba, ouch)
2005 - u could argue Marvin Williams and Martell Webster, Charlie Villinueva, Ike Diogu, Fran Vasquez, Yaroslav Korolev, Sean May, Rashad McCants, Antoine Wright
2004 - Ben Gordon, Shaun Livingston, Josh Childress, Rafael Araujo, Luke Jackson, Andris Beidrins, Robert Swift, Sebastian Telfair,
2003 - Darko Millicic, Mike Sweetney, Jarvis Hayes, Marcus Banks, Reece Gaines, Troy Bell
2002 - Mike Dunleavy, Drew Gooden, Nikoli Skitisvilli, Dajuan Wagner, Jared Jeffries, Melvin Ely, Marcus Haislip, Fred Jones, Bostan Nochbar, Jiri Welsh
2001 - Kwame Brown, Eddy Curry, Eddie Griffin, Sagana Diop. Rodney White, Kedrick Brown, Vladimire Radmanovich, Steven Hunter, Kirk Haston
2000 - Well theres only like 3 players Jamal Crawford, Mike Miller, Kenyon Martin who are still in the league, i know 13 years in the league is alot but theres some superstars still giving it after 15+ years

ok maybe i got carried away but if your a lottery pick in the past say 10 years on average id say half of them arent even in the nba anymore and most recent drafts teams keep them because rookie contracts. If your a "lottery pick" then your in your teams future plans for a reason. Everyone can argue that basing off of just college games that everyone in the Lotto this year will make an impact or should (maybe not on OKC but every other team in the Lotto has a need that could find a starter this year) I dont feel like writing the players from this year but if u look at the mock maybe other then Len, and Olynyk, and the greece dude the rest could be valuable even as rookies (that to me makes it a pretty decent draft)

Just my opinion...

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The NFL draft was supposedly

The NFL draft was supposedly weak this year too. What is up with that? Not as many high school kids?

As far as the NBA goes I think teams will try to take guys who fit and could be a rotation guy. Not the best year to go for
a home run pick.

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