This Years Draft

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This Years Draft

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This years draft as everyone knows is stocked with role players and not 1 bonafide star. I like to compare this to the 2006 draft when it had the same problem when it went Bargnani, Aldridge, Morrison, Tyrus, Sheldon, Roy, Foye, Gay and others like Lowry and Rondo (who went later in the draft)

There wasnt no clearcut #1 pick that year and just like this year depending on where teams draft it could switch up in any order depending on need

This Year i would say has solid all around talent at all positions and if I were to do a ranking system imo this is how i base them, Id have a few tiers of talent levels (even on the main mock it could switch up so easy)



Wildcard to me is Nerlens based on injury and if a team can afford to bring him along slow, And So much can change from now till then, players like GR3, Austin, Poythress, Burke, Olapido, McAdoo can move up with great tourneys.

Anyways this is a rare draft that pretty much the top 10 is all around even position wise and could switch up in any order. Even tho there is no Superstars per say (problem with the 2006 class) they still had a few allstars (Aldridge, Rondo, Gay) who do change a franchise

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This draft reminds me of the

This draft reminds me of the 2011 one, deep with talent but lacks star power; I don't know if there is a Kyrie Irving in this draft but there are Kenneth farieds and kawhi Leonard's.

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If we're lucky, maybe a

If we're lucky, maybe a Chandler Parsons too!!

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Zeller is a center in college

Zeller is a center in college and the next level

I'm real high on Smart but Í'm not sold on him as a fulltime pg in the NBA just yet.

I rather have Burke over MCW but that's debatable

I was very high on Bennett earlier and now with him slumping it's going to be hard for a GM to justify a 6'7 (probably closer to 6'6) power forward being taken in the top 5

And Rudy Gay has never been an all-star

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Your right about Rudy, forgot

Your right about Rudy, forgot he hasnt been an allstar but damn near a max contract. But ive read multiple posts about everyone saying how crappy this draft is with no franchise changers or allstars. Its way too early to tell and guys can sky rocket up the board like a Lilliard or Waiters, And you can find fulltime starters deep in the draft.

On a side note: Its crazy that theres only 2 rounds (compared to other sports) so thats 30 players with guaranteed contracts and you always hear about a third of the 2nd rounders catching onto teams, but Teams have 15 roster spots per year. So every year roughly 40 players are pretty much out of the league (or D league or stashed overseas)

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I like a few guys in this

I like a few guys in this draft, but I definitely think it could go down as a weak one. The top 10 is filled with guys that are major question marks in some ways. Even guys like McLemore and Muhammad, who you would think would be sure things still have a couple red flags.

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