this year's butt load of senior bubble prospects

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this year's butt load of senior bubble prospects

i'm just curious which seniors will get drafted this year and the chances of them getting drafted. no matter what year of school a player is, there is always that guy that you felt should have been drafted at some point. a good example is henry sims. i thought he would be drafted last year for sure and he did not. maybe a few of you didn't have him drafted, but i believe most of us did right? although he signed with the hornets at one point, he still didn't get drafted. well seniors are seniors and that's it. they either get drafted this year or they don't. i have put together a big list of seniors that at some point in their collegiate careers were considered to be drafted. perhaps i left off someone, feel free to add a player if you feel he deserves to be mentioned. i must admit i don't know a lot about every guy on the list, but i know some and am continuing to learn about others on here, but there just isn't enough time to watch that many games and still watch nba and live life, etc. so curious if you have any feedback on these players. are there any locks on this list to get drafted? are there any players here that might surprisingly get drafted that are just completely under the radar? some of these players i feel don't have much of a chance anymore, but you just never know. i have seen some dumb draft picks before. anyways, please lets here feedback on these guys chances of getting drafted and if you want you can add about where you think they get drafted. there's a few what happened to him guys on here also. i left off seniors in the first round of the current mock. here's the list:

carl jones
nate wolters
mfon udofia
mark lyons
matthew dellavedova
junior cadougan
kevin dillard
pierre jackson
abdul gaddy
elijah johnson
peyton siva
vincent council
michael dixon
larry drew
raymond penn
cashmere wright
travon woodall
kerron johnson
dj cooper
reggie moore
kenny boynton
brandon triche
rotnei clarke
anthony marshall
mike rosario
dexter strickland
seth curry
lamont jones
erick green
shane gibson
durand scott
charles carmouche
drew crawford
cj harris
trent lockett
tyler brown
kevin foster
michael snaer
colt ryan
khalif wyatt
dj richardson
brandon paul
dominic cheek
steven pledger
keion bell
rodney mcgruder
carrick felix
rakeem buckles
solomon hill
milton jennings
kevin parrom
ryan broekhoff
will clyburn
robert covington
rodney williams
james ennis
dj stephens
wally judge
elias harris
jamal olaswere
james southerland
ian hummer
ryan kelly
romero osby
jackie carmichael
deniz kilicili
brock motum
dante taylor
erik murphy
od anosike
reginald buckner
laurence bowers
jemelle hagins
taylor smith
richard howell
keith clanton
christian watford
jared berggren
trevor mbakwe
arsalan kazemi
murphy holloway
kenny kadji
deshawn painter
mouphtaou yarou
greg echenique
mike muscala
aaric murray
alex oriakhi
colton iverson
reggie johnson
brandon davies
aj matthews
jordan henriquez
jack cooley
tony woods
derrick nix
zeke marshall

for those of you that haven't heard of some of these guys and are interested, hopefully there are some players you can learn about at least.

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I think Michael Snaer will

I think Michael Snaer will get drafted, he's a poor man's Victor Oladipo, he'd be a great fit in Minny, Chicago or a number of other teams that could use a great defender and capable offensive player who has hit a ridiculous amount of big buckets.

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Indeed out of that list I

Indeed out of that list I think Michael Snaer has the biggest chance IMO. I also like Watford, Howell and Oriakhi. Don´t know if they will be drafted, but those are guys that I see being called up during the season. Berggren is also someone that´s on my radar.

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My first post

Michael Snaer- late 30s to 40s
Mike Muscala- late 30s to 40s
Kenny Kadji- 40s
Ryan Kelly- 40s
Erick Green- late 1st round to early 40s
Nate Wolters- late 1st round to early 40s

The rest of them would either be a later pick or undrafted. There are a few guys on there that wouldn't make the D-League now or maybe even Europe.

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Carrick Felix

Senior year averages -
14.4 pts., 8.3 boards, 1.6 assists, 1.5 3ptm, 1.5 stls, 1.1 blk, 1.8 TO, 50.3% from the field
Carrick is a versatile athletic defender who has got a real motor and a knack for getting boards. I see him as a backup SG/SF in the league, especially if he works on ball-handling.
Some one in round two will be getting a steal.
There are obviously a few more on the list that will make it to the L, just thought I would give some love to a dude who flies under the radar.

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I think Travis Releford and

I think Travis Releford and Will Clybrun are two guys missing from most mocks that could be taken in the mid - late 2nd round.

Releford is a strong athletic 6'6'' SG, who could play a little SF if need, who is an extremely efficient scorer, terrific in transition and with a very good outside shot. He just seems like a guy who could have a nice NCAA tourney, Portsmouth and I know he'll measure and test well in the combine. The path is there for him, and I think one team will give him a chance. He seems to be another guy drafted in the 2nd round to be a 3 and D type player.

Clyburn has prototypical wing size and is a very capable scorer, in creating his own shot, he has range and creashes the glass very well for a 6'7'' player. He reminds me a lot of Scottie Hopson, who I feel would have been a 2nd round pick if he hadn't have gotten in trouble. Clyburn has had a strange road, but I think he's worth a late 2nd round pick.

These guys are 50/50 prospects as far as getting drafted, but I'm convinced both will play in the NBA. I think both players are good options in the 48-60 range.

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good lookin'! I didn't

good lookin'! I didn't realize releford's percentages were that impressive. i haven't seen clyburn but i'm sure he's as good as some of the other players on there.

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dom cheek is overseas

dom cheek is overseas

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thanks, was wondering what

thanks, was wondering what happened to him.

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i seriously think brandon

i seriously think brandon paul will not only get drafted but will have a unexpected solid career in the nba

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The NBADL is gonna be eating

The NBADL is gonna be eating good next season

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deep draft

I think this is a deep draft. At the top McLemore, Shabazz, and then Marcus Smart are very solid perimeter guys. If Nerlens Noel recovers I think he could be a top 5 center in the league at some point. Otto Porter looks nice. Cody Zeller looks solid.

I think there will be some all-stars in this draft with some depth too in the late first and in the second round.

I like Seth Curry as a flat-out shooter. He has third guard potential as a small 2 guard off the bench who can score and stretch the defense.

Brandon Paul looks like another guy who could be a "third guard" in the NBA. He could be like Jarrett Jack.

As a Memphis fan one guy I really like is DJ Stephens. He is more of a project but it looks like he is more of a late bloomer. Incredible athlete with phenomenal dunking ability. He also rebounds very well and blocks shots. His offensive game is raw but I have seen him hit some jumpers and even some 3's before. I think he may be a bit undersized to play the 4, but he reminds me of Dennis Rodman but with freak hops. How about a poor man's Dennis Rodman mixed with Dr. J? He may end up being just an end of the bench guy but I could see him playing either forward spot and making some great hustle plays. He would be an ideal pick for the Grizzlies in the late second round. He is a cult hero and would be a great Grit 'n Grind type. He would also be insurance if Darrell Arthur fails to ever get healthy.

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I think zeke marshall is

I think zeke marshall is getting drafted ...he is getting some nba buzz and chad ford says he even has a chance to get drafted in the first round scouts are interested guys like dj.cooper may get drafted as well....
i think this draft is weak so a couple of other guys are getting a chance as well....

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