Ye of little faith

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Ye of little faith

I just want to remind you all how many people counted melo out last season
"What an awful trade"
"He should come off the bench"
"It needs to be amares team"
"Not a winner"
At this point, all that's left to be said is...

Beat the heat

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This is a great season

This is a great season for melo and the knicks but they are not getting by the heat

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what did Melo prove this year

what did Melo prove this year he didn't before ?....

everybody knew he was a great scorer and a clutch player. nothing is new.

But he still doesn't prove he's able to make his team win big games in PO (against high level teams not this old injury plagued celtic team) and be more than just a GREAT solist.

Melo and Amare are the same kind of players. Melo is healthy. Amare is not. None of them are defensive beasts able to dominate in BOTH end of the court (as Kobe, LeBron, Garnett, Duncan, ONeal... and maybe Durant ?).

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Who are you talking about?

Who are you talking about? This site is pretty "Pro-Melo", people have been picking him to win a scoring title for years, I don't remember anyone saying those things you listed. Especially not coming off the bench or yielding to Amare. Maybe I'm wrong and just don't remember, but I always thought this site overrated Melo a bit as regards to an all around player. He's a star and an elite level scorer.

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No but one thing people DID say

was that they should keep lin and trade melo.....and people were right that lin and melo couldn't co exist because they both needed to be ball dominant.....but it looks that the knicks made the right decision in keeping melo

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Carmelo vs the Pacers will be

Carmelo vs the Pacers will be the series that defines his career as a Knick.

He's 100% healthy, at the top of his game, and will be playing a tough defensive team with perhaps the best team the Knicks can put around him (win-now mode) in his time here. Next series (aside from that Lakers series) will be the biggest series of his career.

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