With Yao out, Rockets seek disabled-player exception

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With Yao out, Rockets seek disabled-player exception

With center Yao Ming out for the season, the Rockets on Monday began the process of seeking a disabled-player exception from the NBA, general manager Daryl Morey confirmed.

The Rockets expect to have the exception granted, which will allow them to trade for a player without matching salaries, up to the value of the mid-level exception of $5.765 million. The exception also would be an option to sign a free agent.

Because Yao's injury occurred before Nov. 30, the Rockets would have 45 days to use the exception, beginning on the day they could have been expected to uncover the injury, which was last Thursday.

The Rockets also have a trade exception worth $6.33 million from the Trevor Ariza-Courtney Lee deal. The exceptions are potentially valuable because they could allow the Rockets to take on salary from a team that is cost-cutting as a way to sweeten a separate but simultaneous deal.

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I guess I ask, what does this

I guess I ask, what does this Rocket team needs? Another big man? I don't know because Brooks will be coming back eventually and they have some pieces.

I wonder if the Suns would move Robin Lopez.

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