Yao is Gone

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Yao is Gone

Wow, what a sad end to an unfortunate story. Yao Ming is retiring after 8 seasons.

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Awful news :(

His career was far too short. Incredible basketball player, great person, I for one will miss him a lot. Really wanted him to come back eventually, but your health is incredibly important. Never has been a player with his size and skill, plus he was a SERIOUS competitor and very hard worker. He was the last real competition Dwight Howard had at Center when he was healthy, not to mention Howard had fits guarding him. Much like Deron Williams getting the better of Chris Paul due to his size and strength, Yao was a nightmare match-up for Dwight. This shows the gift and the curse of immense size, all the best to Yao in his future endeavors, he will be remembered.

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wow this a great loss to the

wow this a great loss to the nba, Yao I hope you the best for the future and hope you make a full recovery.

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I thnk this has been on the

I thnk this has been on the cards for a while as the injuries accumulated on Yao. Don't forget that he played for several years in China prior to coming to Houston so he has had a lot of wear and tear on his body. Even for a basketball player he was a legit giant and no doubt his size made any injuries worse.

He's made a good living from the NBA and is an icon in China so he'll stll get endorsements etc and will be financially secure. Hopefully he can have a long and prosperous life going forward with his family.

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When he was healthy, he was

When he was healthy, he was the premier center of the NBA- especially from an offensive standpoint. LOL he killed Howard everytime they matched up it seems but he had some tough injuries from taking a beating every single night and from being so tall..... Will there ever be another Yao Ming, because his combination of size and skill was like nothing the NBA had ever seen before and might not ever see again....

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The only guy that could make

The only guy that could make Dwight Howard look like a fool on defense... over and over and over again..

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