Yao is considering retirement if not fully heal

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Yao is considering retirement if not fully heal

I just read an article on, here is the link

it pretty much says that Yao has considered retirement if he cannot return to form next season. Its truly sad to read an article like this, because Im from China and Yao has been the only Chinese basketball player that I am proud of. I just wish he can still play a couple more decent seasons whether he is fully healthy or not, he is only 30.

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Well he does have a daughter

Well he does have a daughter now, and your children are more important than basketball.
Even if he's not healthy I still bet he gets into the All star game this year.

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I'm not a Rockets fan but I'm

I'm not a Rockets fan but I'm rooting for Yao. It's a shame that as much of an advantage his size is it just very well could be his downfall as it's nearly impossible to stay healthy. Yao has got to be one of the most mercurial talents in NBA history. It's a shame he can never stay healthy because there have been stretches in his career when he's been healthy and has been nearly unstoppable. It's shocking how a guy that friggin big could be that skilled. I'm not just talking post moves but passing, perimeter shooting, everything. It's a shame that people have almost forgotten about him because there was a time when he was the best center in the NBA and even more stressing to guard than Dwight Howard. I mean Yao was a guy that you can't block and he had great shooting touch. I really am rooting for him to get healthy again just so I can see him play a little longer. Yao is such a good guy too.

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I think Yao can play a few more years...

I think Yao would return to 80% of his peak next year, he got the same procedure that revived Grant Hill's career and Big Z's career. Big Z had similar problems early in his career and he missed a lot of games until he got his knee probably fixed by the same doctor that operated on Grant Hill and Yao Ming. He then had 5 solid healthy years since.

As long as Yao is not overworked again by the Rockets and Team China, I think he has a good chance to be solid for a few more years. His game is a lot of skills and not much of speed and lifting ability, so he should be fine. He also worked hard to get in shape (as there was news that he cut down a lot of weight). I think Yao just does not want to set the expectations too high, and obviously, he shouldn't play for Team China ever again. He had a few good points that China needs to develop new young talent. The corruption in China really killed team sports like Soccer and Basketball. Although CBA is better managed, it's still a long road ahead before China can be taken serious in the basketball world.

Before this year-long layoff, Yao averaged 38 min a game for the Rockets which was unacceptable. That's the biggest issue I had with Morey and Adelman that they never got Yao a good enough backup player to take some time off Yao. 6-6 Chuck Hayes just won't make the cut. Finally, they got a good backup in Brad Miller, so hopefully, Yao would play around 28min a game to keep him healthy all year.

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ghetto i gave u a thumbs up a

ghetto i gave u a thumbs up a first until you said how good of a perimiter shooter yao is... lol... dude yao is good because hes incredibly good defensively, instantly commands the double on offense, and is an incredibly gifted passer..

i agree with you mostly tho and definitely agree when u say how hes a mercurial talent..

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Too big

Yao is to tall and to heavy to run up and down all season, with practice. NBA 82 game season with travel is too much for a guy his height and weight. He is heavier than most guys who were anywhere near his hight that played in the L. His feet can't take it. He is or was a great talent though.

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"Yao is a guy you can't block."

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I think if they monitor his

I think if they monitor his minutes he can still have a good season. He is a very good and productive player and his jump shot allows him to play his game without having to rely on banging in the post to score. I think if they play him 25-30 minutes a game during the regular season he can greatly help to the tune of 17 and 8 or 9 and of course his massive presense in the post. They signed Brad Miller who is an upgrade from Andersen, they have enough depth they don't have to play him when they have big leads or if he needs to rest a game or so. I really think with Yao at even a reduced role added with Rick Adelman's great coaching ability and Houston's well balanced team that they can make the playoffs and then increase Yao's playing time down the stretch.

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