Y! Sources: Stephen Curry out two more weeks, but do Warriors want him to return this season?

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Y! Sources: Stephen Curry out two more weeks, but do Warriors want him to return this season?

By Adrian Wojnarowski

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry will miss two more weeks to rehabilitate his troublesome right ankle and could be held out the rest of the season, a league source told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday.

Doctors will re-examine Curry at the end of the two weeks to discuss clearing him for a return, but league sources say that the Warriors may not be inclined to bring him back this season. Nevertheless, Curry is pushing for the chance to return to the court, sources said.

Curry has missed 10 consecutive games with a sprained ankle.

Golden State management wants to protect the young point guard’s ankle, but also are trying to hold onto a 2012 first-round draft pick that will belong to the Utah Jazz unless the Warriors finish with the seventh or higher spot in the draft. Essentially, the Warriors are willing to tank games down the stretch to assure themselves the best possible chance of keeping the pick that they traded away.

Curry, who Golden State drafted seventh overall in 2009, traveled to Los Angeles to meet with an ankle specialist, Dr. Richard Ferkel recently. The doctor consulted with the Warriors on a rehab plan. Curry is anxious to return for the final weeks left of the season in April, but clearly ownership and the front office is uninterested in trying to steal an extra victory or two out of the wreckage of another lost season. Curry has averaged 14.7 points and 5.3 assists in 28 games this season.

Golden State is 20-28 on the season, and holding 13th out of 15 teams in the Western Conference. The Warriors traded starting guard Monta Ellis for a package that includes center Andrew Bogut, who will sit out the rest of the season with an injury. Golden State has found scoring production out of rookie guard Klay Thompson lately, and he’ll continue to be an offense focus with Curry out of the lineup.

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Warriors need to worry about their

draft pick this summer. Shut him down. Best wishes next season.

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What are the necessary

What are the necessary procedures to strengthening one's ankles? Curry needs to spend the summer working on his lower body strength.

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seems to have some consistent

seems to have some consistent injury issues. i think that was something scouts mentioned before he was drafted.

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