y is every one hatting on lebron

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y is every one hatting on lebron

y r so many people hating on lebron going to miami. magic, mj, and bird all said they would have nver left. well they would nt have to becuz they all had "HOF" talent around them so when they macthed up it waz champion ship claiber supporting casts vs another. but in lebrons carrer he has been going up agianst teams with supperior supporting casts like the celtics magic, lakers, spurs, piston, heat (at diffrent points of his carrer) and he never succeded. where was mo williams, jamison he gave 7 years of his carrers 2 that team, what if he resinged and after 6 years he still had no rings he would be in a similar position as kg was. and kg admited he wish he had left earlier. now lebron is 25 and hes team has man weapons so whould u rather stay with clevland and suffer tough loss after tough loss or move on and compete?

i thnk the legends need to understand that lebron doesnt have karrem, bill russel, or pippen as a side kick. and lets be honest he was never going to be anle to beat the lakers in a PLAYOFF series with the cavs.

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People are hating on him

People are hating on him because the guys he's constantly compared to (kobe, mj, and magic) stayed with 1 team throughout their entire careers...and i know jordan played for the wizards but that was post-prime...people don't realize that the guys he was surrounded by in cleveland were hardly capable of competing...magic had worthy and kareem and mj had pippen and rodman..kobe had shaq and now he has gasol...lebron has mo williams? see, you cant blame em when you look at it through that perspective

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if your a real fan and love

if your a real fan and love the game of basketball..u hate the idea of creating a superteam..1 with 2 of the top 3 players in the league on will be fun watching them for about 2 years..then what happens in 2013 when they go on a 25 game winning streak? and about to win a 3rd ring ...will anyone be interested anymore?

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LeBron is taking an easy

LeBron is taking an easy route to a championship. There will truly be no truimph if the Heat wins a title that they should win. Five titles in Miami (as currently constructed) would not be tantamount to one in Cleveland. The reason James is recieving so much hate is because the greatness that so many envisioned for him can no longer be achieved.

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the word hating is so overused

#1 Please stop saying everyone who has a opinion is hating. I respect what some of the 50 greatest players of all time are saying. Thats them,they wouldnt have set up a time and place years back to play with each other. Lbj,wade, and bosh did,their choice.

I question his competitive spirt,not because he left,but how he left. The Delante West stuff,how Boston's game plan mentally took him out of games 4-5. And the statements he made to the media after those games changed my preception of him and his game. He needs to expand his game,the bad part is that playing with bosh and wade wont allow him to do so. He is a great athlete,but he is a incomplete player at this point.

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Lebron is a coward and a traitor. We were all witnesses to how loyalty and greatness can be thrown out the window in a single hour on ESPN.

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