xbox 360 question

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xbox 360 question

i know it has nothing to do with basketball but should i buy an xbox 360 over the holiday (black friday)? i already have a ps3 and all, but i been hearing good things for the xbox lately... hmmm can i get some insights please?

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i have a ps3 too, but as a

i have a ps3 too, but as a former xbox(original) owner, i do miss alot of the games that come out for the 360(fable, halo, etc).

so im not going to tell you yes but if it were me, i would strongly consider it.

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if you go to gamestop you can

if you go to gamestop you can get a refurbished one for like 120... if u spend another 20 bucks u get a years warranty... better than what microsoft can give and cheaper...

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