Xavier Henry vs Jodie Meeks

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Xavier Henry vs Jodie Meeks

Hi all, wanted your opinion on this! I am loving the play of Xavier Henry for the lakers in the pre season games so far, and have been bitterly disappointed with Jodie Meeks. So I did a quick analysis on which 12 players should make the lakers team for season 2013/14.

Point Guards - Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar
Shooting Guards - Kobe Bryant, Xavier Henry or Jodie Meeks
Small Forwards - Nick Young, Wesley Johnson
Power Forwards - Jordan Hill, Shawne Williams
Centre - Pau Gasol, Chris Kaman, Robert Sacre

Obviously Nash, Kobe, Gasol, Kaman, Hill and Young are all definitely in. Blake and Farmar fit perfectly in Dantoni's offense.

I think Shawne Williams is in because he is exactly the type of player Dantoni likes, stretch 4 who can hit he 3 and defend. Wesley Johnson on potential alone and is probably the lakers best defender on the wing. We need Sacre as a reserve big.

So the decision is between Xavier Henry or Jodie Meeks. I vote Henry based on potential, versatility and attitude. He has a better shooting % than Meeks, is tall enough to play the 2 and 3, and has stood out in the preseason.

What are all your thoughts?

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