X-Box One or PS4?

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X-Box One or PS4?

Both systems have now been released. Has anyone purchased one? Has anyone played both systems yet? What are your opinions?

I want to purchase mine right when I get off of work here in about 45 minutes so I can go HAM on it my weekend off, but I'm somewhat undecided. I'm leaning more towards the X-Box one, simply because I've had an X-Box 360 for years and the X-Box One is more than just a game system. It's more expensive (even if the Playstation 4 bundled their camera, they'd still be cheaper), but just seems worth the price with everything you're getting. I really like the idea of being able to switch from my tv to the game and back in forth like it's nothing. I've also heard that the X-Box is better for sports games, but I'm not sure how legit that claim is.

Let me hear your opinions.

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In terms of sports games, I'm

In terms of sports games, I'm going with the PS4 mostly because Xbox doesn't offer MLB the Show. Other than that, games like Watch Dogs look really cool. I also don't like all the backtracking and spin control Microsoft had to do on the mistakes they made early on. I have a 360 now but am looking forward to getting back to my play station roots.

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I've had all the systems from

I've had all the systems from both companies over the years. Sony has always been better in imo. Except I like the Xbox controller over sony smallish one, but sony has changed that with making it bigger more form fitting to the hands. All the Xbox systems has always been bigger and louder without having more benefits from it from what I can tell. Getting Red Ring more then once has also made me never want to buy Xbox again too.

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Nintendo Entertainment System 8 Bit

I'll stick with my Nintendo Entertainment System 8 bit with the Power Glove and Power Pad.

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im planning on the xbox1. I

im planning on the xbox1.

I don't play games much at all, so im hoping the other features the xbox offers might encourage me to spend some more time with the console because I really do wanto to play games more often. But all my extra cash at the moment is going towards Christmas so I have to wait til February so ill have a better idea of what both systems have to offer by then.

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