W.W.K.D ?????

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W.W.K.D ?????

What Would Kobe Do ????

i can tell u one thing as the best player on the planet he would not waste his time speaking to teams that have no business being in the same room as him ( new york/n.j) especially when some part of his GAME need to be work on (mid range jumper)....... this is why Lebron will never reach Kobe's level... we all know that lebron will drag this drama on for another week just to end up going back to the cavs.... ask urself this.... do u think that any of the real greats of nba would have time for this SHOW (Magic? Jordan? Bird? )

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Uhhh before the 96 draft,

Uhhh before the 96 draft, Kobe told all the teams he was only playing for LA.

He completly &$#%#[email protected]!ed out teammates on and off the court

He was selfish from 2005-2007

Game 7 vs PHX in 2006, he just passed everytime down the court. He GAVE UP.

Come on now. He's a punk and I believe he would have milked it even more.

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kobe is not selfish and is no punk. He stuck with the lakers through bad times and good. and this is a business so if you are going to live with a decision like this, you might as well make the right one.

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i hate lebron he is a tool

i hate lebron he is a tool

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Kobe did demand a trade a few

Kobe did demand a trade a few years ago.

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one thing i learned on this

one thing i learned on this site is never say anything bad bout lehype cuz homos will dock u points cuz they on da lebronze nuts sack

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It's not like

I'm a fan of either...but Kobe had his Drama Queen Years & they were worse then LeBron.
Kobe did demand a trade, Kobe did basically force his way to L.A, he gave up on his team, he became very selfish, but as he grew older he matured & began to realize alot of things.
LeBron, he's done no such thing.. No request for a trade, no selfish-ness, & if it weren't for the Magic/Cavs series where he didn't shake hands or the Dunk Video no one would be so harsh to him.

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^ I pretty sure people would

^ I pretty sure people would still hate him. It's just prejudiced hate.

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I can't see Kobe parading

I can't see Kobe parading himself around like Lebron is doing.

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Not gonna touch this topic

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ya this topic is minus point

ya this topic is minus point either way but ask andrew bynum about kobe and if he answer truthfully you will know how kobe was at the same age. he forced shaq out of town and basically for that reason is why for about 3 or 4 years the lakers were irrelevant. but i do hate lebron a bit more because kobe had 3 rings at that time and lebron has stats at this time.

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Criticize LeBron

All that you want, that is fine, but do not forget that not only did Kobe already narrow down teams he would play for as the 13th pick in the draft in 1996, but for a while many people thought he was going to leave the Lakers and was unhappy. Not only was there the rant about Andrew Bynum not being traded for Jason Kidd, but Kobe was fairly integral in running a dominant center out of town, and was seriously thinking of signing with the Clippers shortly afterwards. Granted, the Shaq trade twisted and turned to eventually acquire Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum turned out to give the Lakers ridiculous length that every team that wants to compete with the Lakers will try to neautralize and emulate, but he did seriously consider bolting and seemed very down and out at a time. The thing was, when Kobe thought about bolting, his team was so mediocre and seemingly so far away from being a title contender that no one really seemed to care. After all, it would not be like he was leaving a city that needed his support and he had birth ties too, heck, he wouldn't even had been leaving the city at all. But with LeBron, their has to be concern over his future. Cleveland has never won a championship, and from day one they have leaned on him to change that, not an easy task. Why would you not want to explore options to make life easier for ones self? Believe me, if the Lakers had not acquired Pau Gasol, Kobe would be doing anything he could to either get someone else or win somewhere else. All in all, Kobe Bryant has been a pretty lucky guy, and while his talent and work ethic made him an incredible basketball player, he has had some team mates who have really helped him become a winner. So why should LeBron not try and make his life easier as well? After all, WWKD?

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Mikey V = WIN. That post was

Mikey V = WIN. That post was spectacular.

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