WVU Basketball

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WVU Basketball

Is it time that for WVU to start getting some love? After beating #9 Georgetown today it increases their record to 12-4. The 4 loses were to Kent State (Currently #2 in the MAC), Mississippi State (Currently #24 in the Nation), Baylor (Currently #7 in the Nation and were pushed to overtime by the Mountaineers) and Seton Hall.

2 Seniors in Kevin Jones and Truck Bryant and 1 Junior in Deniz Kilicli and the rest are Freshman and 1 Juco transfer playing for this team. Besides Kent State and Seton Hall there is not any bad loses for the team, Kent State pressed the young team in just their second game and the freshman could not handle it and no shots were falling against Seton Hall. I feel this team is a top 25 team and think Kevin Jones and Truck Bryant are being overlooked.

So where is the love for the Mountaineers?

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The Mountaineers never get

The Mountaineers never get much love. It's something I have learned to deal with.. Sometimes being a Mountaineer is irritating.. LoL

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When/if jones leads them to

When/if jones leads them to beating up on the heavyweights in the NCAA tourney people will notice them.. For a little while... Maybe... hopefully?... yeah.. it's WVU.....

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They haven't beat a truly

They haven't beat a truly great team yet. They should be ranked if they aren't already, but they aren't better than like 20-25 IMO, and just how much do you really need to talk about a team that's just a regular good team? They've been talked about some

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How is losing to Seton Hall at Seton Hall a "Bad Loss"? These guys are on their way to the Top 25. THey are the team that, at home, rolled over UCONN, and they can play with anyone at the Prudential Center. My friend, look at this as a good loss, one that worthy teams are proud to have on their resume.

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