WTF is with the Refs

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WTF is with the Refs

Watching the Raptors games this year the NBA should be embarassed by the refs so far. It has been absolutly horrible, and on two occassions the NBA has appologized. Not sure about anybody else but apologies dont help they need to kick the refs in the ass.

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This call here still &$#%#&@!
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^Costy15. Look closer. Jason

^Costy15. Look closer. Jason Smith obviously had plenty of time to get there and it looks like his arm was held.

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honestly, that was still

honestly, that was still calderon's fault man. its not the first time hes effed up an inbounds pass. amir johnson was wide open i mean wide open...yet he wanted to risk those plays were a no call would be viable. stupid as shit. and i posted in the alan anderson topic yesterday about the guy being a ball hog...i stand my ground on that. he jacks up so many shots which most of the time arent even good shots. kyle lowry thinks for some reason that he can just jack up threes like kobe in crunch time as well which is cheesing me off. everything is wrong with this team. so bs. if the organization was smart they would just scrap it now in the hopes to get a top 3 pick for the 2014 draft.

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