wow..a LOT of 3/4 tweeners in the 2011 draft

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wow..a LOT of 3/4 tweeners in the 2011 draft

I couldn't help but realize that this draft has an abundant of 3/4 tweeners such as:

Marcus Morris, Kansas

Kawhi Leonard, UNLV

Terrence Jones, Kentucky

Perry Jones, Baylor

Derrick Williams, Arizona

CJ Leslie, NC State

Jan Vesely, Czech Republic

Thomas Robinson, Kansas

Tobias Harris, Tennessee

Chris Singleton, Florida State

Gary Flowers, Southern Miss


my question to you guys is to separate the two...

I cant see kawhi leonard playing the 3...hes not a good outside shooter

chris singleton doesnt have much of an outside game either

gary flowers is a 6'7'' 215 lb. paul millsap type

thomas robinson reminds me of tyrus thomas with his athleticism

terrence jones is too skilled to not play the 3

vesely isnt a good enough banger to play the 4

marcus morris seems like he could develop a three-point shot and be deadly at SF

perry jones could be a beast at SF

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in todays game everyone is a tweener

Imo roles aren't taught to high school players

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Thomas Robinson is in no way

Thomas Robinson is in no way a tweener, IMO. He's a legit 6'9'' built like a wall (235 with broad shoulders at 19 years old, he could easily play at 250 in a couple years and keep his jumping ability) and can't dribble or shoot. He has finally mastered a drop step and has good shot mechanics, but really has no consistant free throw or even a 10 footer. His athleticism isn't quite at the level of Tyrus Thomas, but he is much stronger and really plays mean. He is as true of an old school rebound oriented power forward as their is in college basketball right now. If he could learn to be a consistant free throw shooter and put the ball on the floor he could really be a scary player, but that is yet to be seen.

I know Bobby Knight mentioned his shooting last night on the play by play, but he also said both Morris' were NBA guards. I've seen Robinson play a lot and the dude is a true defensive/rebounding 5th option NBA power forward from a position standpoint.

And also would be wise to come out in 2012

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