Wow this makes me wonder about the physicality of the NBA today.

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Wow this makes me wonder about the physicality of the NBA today.

So im watching the 1987 finals game 6 on espn classic. Celtics vs. Lakers.

James worthy drives to the lane and one guy for the celtics grabs his neck and throws him to the ground while another guy hockey checks him in the air.

then worthy gets up and swings, hitting somebody in the face and the benches clear. Then the announcers say, nobody should get ejected and that they should definately just give out one personal foul.

The result? a double tech and worthy just goes to the line and shoots 2 free throws.

Wow in today's NBA worthy would be ejected and suspended for a good amount of games, and the other guy (kite?) would be ejected and fined. plus players leaving the bench would be suspended and fined.

I think it would be a hell of a lot more exciting if the game still happened like this.

Instead the league just wants to call touch fouls and eliminate any sort of physicality from the game..

I wish the league was still like that.

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Still Boston-Orlando series was very physical, like smash brothers

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I can't wait for DeMarcus

I can't wait for DeMarcus Cousins

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+100 I want action and

+100 I want action and physicality, not over paid momma's child's that cry when they're touched

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I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more. Players even get T'd up for waving their hand in disgust at the ref. Another part of the game that has crept in a needs to leave is the flopping going on. Someone will get barely touched and will go flying. The European players are the worst but everyone is doing it now.

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LOL..There were several

LOL..There were several infamous altercations between those 2 teams..

1.McHale clothelining Rambis
2.Worthy getting grabbed by the neck...
3.Bird fouling Kareem hard..
4.Cooper getting roughed up..

McHale laughs about that now..And says himself that if it happen in today's game..They'll be Suspended for several games..

The Celtics were getting their Ass Kicked by the Lakers and thought getting physical would slow the Lakers down....

The NBA was much more Physical back in the day..Almost every team wanted an enforcer

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the 90s brought a lot of rule

the 90s brought a lot of rule changes that removed a lot of physicality to the game. The rule differences are very apparent when you watch the difference between NBA and College. You get more contact going to the basket than you do in the NBA because of touch rules.

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If you want a fight in the

If you want a fight in the middle of the game go watch hockey.

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i just love bruce bowen
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Most definitely. The nba was

Most definitely. The nba was much more physical even in the 90s. It wasnt until the early 2000s that things started to change. Actually it was more around when phoenix came into prominence and dallas and those kinds of teams that just tried to run up the score and not play any defense. Calling fouls would only slow the game down and after phoenix acquired nash and joe johnson and quentin richardson and became this exciting team that took the league by storm, teams kind of mimicked this meaning more refs werent inclined to make these calls. I really think you can fault don nelson alot for the pace picking up and no one playing defense. "small ball" as far as the physicality, kobe is the best player of the past maybe 8 or 9 years without a doubt, and for all the respect i have for him and his accomplishments, he whines his ass off to refs. And being kobe bryant means you get the calls you whine for, and if not that one he's complaining about, definitely the next one. Its sad to see, ray allen even attested to this saying that the league is a lot softer than it used to be and its true.

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I can do without the fighting. This is professional sports, not street or recreational ball. I do wish the NBA was played with more physicality. A lot of players could not handle it though. Some of these guys that are big time players would not be anywhere close to the same. A lot of guys hate to get hit, and as talented as Lebron is, he would back off with the rules that you saw in the 80s and early 90s. Someone like Ron Artest would have been that much better of a defender in his career.

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