Wow AI already in conflict with Turkish coach

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Wow AI already in conflict with Turkish coach

According to this report from Hoopsdaily:

Allen Iverson experience might soon be over in Turkey. I can understand his frustration not playing in the 4th quarter given that "he still believes he's an NBA super scorer". But he only scored 4 points through 3 quarters and the coach said he was having a hard time guarding Matt Walsh. Not sure this is going to end well, but why would a team get AI if they wanted a defensive stopper? Has he ever played defense? I mean yes he was a league leader in steals but he was never known for his lock down defense. I just hope his European expereince ends similarly to Dominique Wilkin's with success and triumph not like with the ending with the Grizzlies or the Pistons.

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I wrote a post about 2 months

I wrote a post about 2 months ago saying he wont last the entire season..

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This is terrible Iverson's

This is terrible Iverson's last bridge to salvation is burning before our eyes and I'm not going to lie I am extremely sad and upset about this. I grew up in Philadelphia and grew with A.I. The first draft i ever watched was the 96 draft just to see us draft Iverson. The city was buzzing the moment we got him. I remember leaving my house after the draft and a whole bunch of people coming up to me that I didn't even think cared about basketball asking me if I heard we got Iverson. That was the key, "WE got Iverson." It wasn't even about the Sixers as much as it was about Allen Iverson coming to play in Philadelphia. And he exceeded all our expectations.

I remember right before we traded Iverson on our sports talk show here in town they had a discussion as to whether we would rather win a championship or watch Iverson play. The overwhelming majority of callers agreed with my thought process in that they would rather watch Iverson play then trade him and try to build a contender. That is how much fun we had with him in town. When i saw him get off the plane wearing a Phillies hat I got chills knowing he did it for us. He got off a plane in Turkey making sure everybody knew he was coming via Philly.

It's sad to see it end this way. Honestly without any bias Iverson, considering the circumstances, played well for us last year. When Iverson came back to the Sixers he was humbled and more of a team player. He took better shots and made the extra pass. If he didn't have all this extra emotional baggage, cuz AI is an emotional dude, he could help a contender. A.I. can still come off the bench and get over ten points a game I just don't think he cares anymore.

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Is anyone really surprised by

Is anyone really surprised by this??

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not suprised at all

pretty much anyone wiht basketball sense knew this would happen i totally agree wiht mr19134 that ai could still be a contributor off the bench and help a teamn but his ego just wont allow it too happen which is sad ive always loved ai just wish hed swallow his pride and accept what he is now

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Did not know

I am ashamed that I had no idea that Dominiqe Wilkins ended his career in Europe. Thanks for the info.

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