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Sebastian Telfair was embarrassed by Cappie pondexter, this guy has got to be number one in so much hype to absolute bust. Check out the video, I woulda posted the link but just saw it on my phone and couldn't wait to blog about it, wow!! Lmfao, she crosses him up hits a j, he goes down bricks a pull up three then she takes it to the hoop for an easy lay in. Come on dude. I would cut him asap if I were the wolves.

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I think your talking about this video

as for Telfair, yes he should have went to college, and developed his game. He had no jumpshot(still doesn't), and relied on his speed to score in hs, something that won't get you by in the nba unless your stupid fast which he's not. I think he will stick around for a little bit longer and then disappear into a international league like his cousin stephon marbury. the difference Marbury was a pretty good player just didn't have a good attitude(seems to run in the family.look at bassie's lil bro)

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Yahoo sports posted this last week.

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idk if he was really

idk if he was really embarrased. dudes wearing capris in a not very serious pickup game and she makes a couple shots on him. either way hes garbage though

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jesus telfair, show some

jesus telfair, show some heart, once she buries the first one on u and the crowd is oooing and awwing he should have some pride and shut it down right there and lock her ass up, lettin her embarass him like tht smh, no pride watsoevr

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"...lettin her embarass him

"...lettin her embarass him like tht smh, no pride watsoevr"

I don't think Kanye Cutler should be talking smack about other people's pride.

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Sebastian better haver her

Sebastian better haver her dinner ready when she gets home.

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Damned if you do, damned if

Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

He could have muscled in and dunked on her, but then this thread would be titled "Sebastian Telfair is an ahole". Looks to me like he was being a good sport.

And it's not like she killed him with a nasty crossover or something. All she did was hit some outside shots.

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they pretty much just take

they pretty much just take turns throwing a view dribbling moves and then jacking a jumper. Not exactly clowing anyone going on here.

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It was good entertainment.

It was good entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less.

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telfair couldve destroyed her

telfair couldve destroyed her on the offensive end

it wasnt even serious

i was expecting a lot more

but cappie is a hooper tho... a nice womans player

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he wasnt even trying

he wasnt even trying

c'mon mannn!

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+1 Wizard and Perez. Clearly

+1 Wizard and Perez. Clearly not that big a deal. Wasn't trying to hard and didn't wanna go balls out on her. No one on this site would go that hard on a woman (playing basketball) either.

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IF Telfair would've destroyed

IF Telfair would've destroyed her, they would've said he was a punk and "I don't see him doing that vs NBA caliber point guards!"

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Catch-23 situation

Yes, I know it is Catch-22, guess you would have to watch 'Trailer Park Boys" for it to make sense. But, I saw the video, and it just showed that this girl was balling. It was a pick-up game, Bassy seemed to be holding his own quite well, but when you are a good basketball player, you will score. Cappie Pondexter is a great player. Had he played physical defense on her, maybe sent a shot to the stands, everyone would be calling him out. I saw womens players tear up guys at the gym before, these girls are no joke. My guess is, most of us would be getting much more embarassed than Bassy was. This is a woman who was considered a Top 15 WNBA player of All-Time, and is only 28 years old. I give her props for taking it to an NBA player, but I do not think it takes much away from Bassy at all. My guess is, she would have gotten hers on a lot of players, Bassy was just in the right place at the wrong time.

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