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Just got done watching 1 one the best games I have seen in a while... Mercury come back from 18 down to beat the Storm on a last second shot... Yes I am talking about the WNBA great game shout out to all the lady ballers

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Only come back I wanna hear

Only come back I wanna hear about is a come back from the grocery store and a last second bag of chips was added to my meal...

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You can talk to McDr.Phil

As your brother i feel the need to ask what is bothering you in your life so much that you felt the need to watch a whole WNBA game?

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If u watch a full WNBA game,

If u watch a full WNBA game, you need to fine something better to do with your time. Like...

  • counting blades of grass
  • wiping your ass
  • watching FOX news
  • discovering why Tootsie rolls aren't pronounced like "Toot"sie rolls
  • sharpening your spoons
  • sucking the good luck out of rabbit feet
  • dribbling and shooting drills with a square basketball
  • Siphoning gas from your neighbor's moped
  • Painting your carpet
  • Installing hydraulics systems into your cabinets
  • Listening to FlyntFlossy
  • Dancing to FlyntFlossy
  • Vaccuming your front lawn
  • Playing catch with your stapler
  • Start a jenkem circle
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