LeBron James is expected to decide on his team around mid-week, according to a league source who has been provided the timetable by James' camp

Like I think he is just loviing the attention and trying to get as much pub as he can. He goes from saying monday is the big day to now thurday.... thoughts?

I hope Wade and Bosh sign together and leave him w/out any help...sik nd tired of him and his antics

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I see both sides. Yea, the

I see both sides.

Yea, the whole media been all up on this whole thing. He's clearly been pushing this a little to far.

But, This is his biggest choice he has to make. Either he leaves it all behind in Cleveland and starts a new legacy or stay in Cleveland. This could make or break his career.

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&$#%#&@!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lebron

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so he's jerk for loving attention?

so what does that make D-Wade? after all, he is filming his life as a free agent.

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everyones soaking up the

everyones soaking up the publicity....and lebron choosing a new team is worth all the media attention whether you like it or not....

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Who fn cares? hes making a very important choice that will forever affect, take as long as you want lebron

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Lebron has a nike skills

Lebron has a nike skills academy on July 5-7 in Akron so it might make sense to announce it after that ends.

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