Would your team's 2nd team be able to defeat any NBA team's 1st team?

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Would your team's 2nd team be able to defeat any NBA team's 1st team?

Since my Warriors FINALLY have a solid bench, I thought I'd pose this question.

The Warriors 2nd team:

PG: Jarrett Jack
SG: Brandon Rush
SF: Richard Jefferson (or Harrison Barnes, if Barnes doesn't start)
PF: Carl Landry; Draymond Green
C: Festus Ezeli; Andris Biedrins

I think that team could give Charlotte or Orlando a run for their money...

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This exact question was asked

This exact question was asked about a week ago. There are a few good benches that would give give a game to Charlotte and maybe Orlando but I would take any starting lineup against any bench

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BUT who will Start for

BUT who will Start for Charlotte?

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Kidd - Smith - Novak - Camby - K Thomas

Knicks bench has good chemistry...scoring, defense, rebounding, leadership (for JR), shooting

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denver has

denver has miller-brewer-chandler-randolph-mosgov. they could give charlottes

sessions-walker-gilchrist-thomas-byombo a challenge for sure

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basketball teams are not 5

basketball teams are not 5 players a lot of stupid threads about 5 men basketball lately, is not the ghetto lets talk real basketball guys.

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As a Bulls fan, last year I'd

As a Bulls fan, last year I'd say they could have topped a handfull of the bottom NBA team's starting units. This year, I don't feel they're as strong. That being said, I think if Taj Gibson started he'd be a 14 ppg 9 rpg 2 bpg player, he's good.

PG: Nate Robinson

SG: Marco Belinelli

SF: Jimmy Butler

PF: Taj Gibson

C: Nazr Mohammed

I think this squad coached by Thibs might be able to get the best of maybe the Bobcats, but not much more.

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