Would you root for the Rockets?

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Would you root for the Rockets?

Now that Dwight's gone to the Rockets, there still remains the question about where their fanbase is going to come from. Of course most will be from Houston, but will you root for anyone on the Rockets to succeed not named Dwight Howard?

Even though Dwight is challenging Lebron for the title of "Most hated player in the League," there are still many likeable players in Houston. I love James Harden to death, and of course Jeremy Lin has a huge fandome over in Asia and beyond.

Will you still bring yourself to root for guys who really have worked to be on a contender, or does one bad apple (Dwight) spoil the bunch?

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I would only root for the

I would only root for the Rockets against Miami. James Harden is a punk, he was too greedy in OKC and that tweet about Steven Adams getting selected was ridiculous, plus he's extremely overrated. Had a half-season shooting slump once teams started defending him like a star but people seem to ignore it.

Dwight is, well, Dwight. His handling of this whole situation has been laughable.

I've never been too fond of Houston, but their current team irritates me.

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Too greedy for OKC? Why would

Too greedy for OKC? Why would you get paid under the market value? Why would you get paid like Serge Ibaka, when you are way move valuable than that? No reason to be a super over-qualified sixth man who is getting underpaid when another team will pay you to be a star.

And BTW, teams were guarding him like a star all season. He looked fine in the OKC series too.

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"James Harden is a punk"

It's true, once you become a star, everyone starts hating. The hate is real.

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Someone's jealous of Harden's

Someone's jealous of Harden's beard. Calling James Harden a punk, and saying he was too greedy in OKC..

Harden is generally quiet, and took a sixth man role when he was already at near superstar status. That doesn't seem punk-ish or greedy to me. Do you realize he shot 50% in OKC in '11-'12? While Westbrook was shooting much worse, Harden just took his due shots and made them.

Don't be blinded by you're own hatred towards a player.
Man there's 1 thing you never do when you hate a player, and that is underrate their talent and game. I hate Dwyane Wade with a passion but I know when his play deserves respect and when it doesn't, like say in game 4 in the Finals I gave him his props and said he had a great game and it was even nice to see the old Dwyane Wade for once.

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The punk comment was largely

The punk comment was largely based on that tweet about Steven Adams. That really rubbed me the wrong way; there's no justification for laughing at a rookie just because he was taken with a pick you were traded for.

In the summer he talked about a dynasty in Oklahoma, but then demanded the max, when he was only $5 million or so off that with the offer they did make.

As far as his ability as a player. Yes, he does a lot of things well, but he shot 39% from the field against OKC in the post-season, made several poor plays in close games which cost them, and remains a terrible defender.

Not to mention his disappearing act in the NBA Finals for OKC.

Harden's numbers look good because he gets to the line a lot, but he's not particularly efficient as a first option player (43% in regular season in Houston) and the pace they played at inflated his stats.

He's a top-3 SG no doubt, but I wouldn't be calling him a top-10 player in the NBA - which everyone seems very quick to grant him.

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You really don't look at any

You really don't look at any advance numbers beyond percentages, do you?

When Harden drives, he's one of the most effective players in the NBA. Yes, a lot of this has to do with how much he goes to the line, but there is a reason he goes to the line so much. He is good at getting to the line. The easiest way you can get points is free throws.

Laughing at Steven Adams is unprofessional, but its kind of hard to disagree with the idea that this trade was a joke. You got Jeremy Lamb and Steven Adams for JAMES HARDEN? That isn't even a bad trade, that's a catastrophy.

If you are one of the top 10-12 players in the league, and you are being used as a sixth man, and you are basically being told you need to take a pay cut because the team A. Is overpaying Serge Ibaka, who they chose to lock up ahead of you B. Won't amnesty Kendrick Perkins, even though he is awful and is taking up cap space and C. Won't pay the luxury tax, then I can see why you wouldn't want to take a pay cut to stay there.

The problem people have is they cherry pick statistics to make an argument when the eye test is telling you otherwise. Why were the Rockets locked into that 35 win range, missing the playoffs every year, and then they have Harden replace Martin, Scola with Asik, and Lowry with Lin (definitely not an upgrade) and suddenly they are a playoff team? James Harden made them better.

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I still want Houston to do

I still want Houston to do well, but I would be lying if I said I didn't have a dislike for Howard. I am a big fan of James Harden and Chandler Parsons and want to see them be very successful, however I can't stand Dwight Howard and hope the Lakers go out and destroy them when they play,

All in all though not a huge Houston fan, I liked McGrady whilst he was there but that was about it.

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Dwight and Harden are both

Dwight and Harden are both booty chasers.

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I got no problem cheering for

I got no problem cheering for them, always feel good to see James Harden getting the respect he deserves.

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"I've been working on my

"I've been working on my ---point-whore--- skills. First ever gif, so tell me what you think."

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I feel like I will be able to

I feel like I will be able to root for Houston after a couple months. I really do want to like Howard again but he just made himself so easy to hate with all his free agency decision making, that said the CONSTANT media coverage really didn't help. After the season starts hopefully Dwight will be a little less constantly focused on and I can slowly go back to cheering for him; presuming he doesn't do or say anything else absurdly stupid.

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Nah I'll keep rooting for the

Nah I'll keep rooting for the Kings (though it does no good)

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You're not alone

I'm a fan of the Bobcats so i feel your pain lol.. raged a bit when they picked Cody Zeller over McLemore and signed Big Al

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Harden IMO is top-5 material

Harden IMO is top-5 material for his position. Personally I would pick him over any other sg for my team. But since nobody cares lol let me tell you that NO I won't, because Dwight is a huge crybaby that will never man up and play like he is supposed to. It's not cool calling your self a star or stuff like that. You want to own a team, be the man? Go play like it. Let your game do the talking. I mean, so much noise for the guy, I feel like they're talking about Wilt, Shaq or Hakeem. The guy averages 18p-13r-3b for his career, that is cool but since when is it superstar good? Go back a few years, we had big men that would drop 25-12 every night, and there would be 3-4 guys like that every season. Nowadays the only thing we have is a 6'10 no-offensive-game dude that happens to be a great shotblocker. I'd take Al jefferson anyday.

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Not a huge fan of Dwight but

Not a huge fan of Dwight but love the fact that he left the Lakers. Rooting for the Rockets for sure based on the fact I can't stand the Lakers, I'm an ASU fan (James Harden), and Chandler Parsons is the most underrated player in the league. Also Patrick Beverly is a pest on defense and Greg Smith surprises me every time I watch them play.

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Harden is indeed a punk and

Harden is indeed a punk and too greedy for not cutting that exaggerate beard, being over the top just to try to look cool, in an irritate manner not letting go of this thing, it will also do go for Harden himself to get rid of this thing, it will make him much better player...

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I'm 50-50 right now. I've

I'm 50-50 right now.

I've never really had major problems with Dwight. His last season with the Lakers was when he finally started rubbing me the wrong way. It wasn't even about anything that happened in Orlando, etc. It was his actual game. He thinks he's better than what he is offensively. He wants to be a number one option, but can't make a free-throw when he's fouled. He does the same move over and over again. He brings the ball low and is always getting stripped. He's not a good passer out of double teams. It's just annoying.

As far as James Harden... The only problem I have with him really is that his showboating gets on my nerves sometimes.

I like Kevin McHale though. I mean, I'm 50-50 when it comes to rooting for them.

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Hou has been my 2nd team

since the Twin Towers days of Sampson and Dream. Loved it when they got Drexler to pair with Hakeem. Then I kinda fell asleep on them for a while, till Yao came into the league. Yao and TMac should have won more, but injuries to both killed them. Now they have another top C/top SG combo. Howard and Lin are two of my least favorite players, however. They should at least be fun to watch

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I am a Mavs fan,so no sorry

I am a Mavs fan,so no
sorry if I am too honest

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Omphalos, you're pretty off

Omphalos, you're pretty off base when you accuse Harden of being inefficient as a first option. While he only shot 43% from the floor, raw shooting percentage isn't a particularly useful statistic. Harden makes a lot of threes and gets to the line a ton. He was actually 11th in the league in TS%, which is a much better measure of efficiency.

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