Would you rather...

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Would you rather...

Would you rather have your favorite college basketball team miss the NCAA Tournament and win the NIT, or go to the NCAA tournament and lose in the first round. As an Ohio State fan, I would rather have them win the NIT, and be able to say that they won something, then just be dissapointed when they get bounced in the first round. What do you guys think?

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I'm a thy Ohio State University fan also

and normally I would be with you, but Matta is having a hard time recruiting top talent in the last to classes. The NIT wont get us there, neither will a first round exit but a kid doesnt wanna go somewhere that can't make the tourney. The extra games and practices will help your team especially for a team like O State where most of your guys will be back next year in 2013. Deshaun Thomas might go but I think Craft definately comes back. At least he said he would and he's not the type of athlete that will get a first round promise. Guys 3 through 8 would benifit greatly by the extra games, Williams, Ross and Thompson need to develop so you have a good idea. But let me in the dance.

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