Would you keep a player who doesn't want to be there?

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Would you keep a player who doesn't want to be there?

I've been mulling over New Orleans' insistence on matching the Suns' max offer to Eric Gordon. Gordon's public comments were basically begging New Orleans not to match.

He is a four-year pro and at age 23, has a career average of 18 points on 45 percent shooting and 37 percent from 3. He gets to the line a lot and converts his FTs, making him a very efficient power guard. He can hang in the air, take contact, and still finish. He's listed at 6-3, 220. He has battled knee and back injuries the last two years.

But the philosophical question is, do you want a player who doesn't want to be there? Is it taking a huge chance to basically force someone to stay against his will? We've seen a lot of athletes do nothing but hurt their teams (see Odom, Lamar) when they're not where they want to be.

Is New Orleans' management just hoping Gordon is mature enough to realize there's nothing he can do, be a professional, embrace it, and play his best basketball, demonstrating maturity that will ingratiate him with others around the Association as well? Is it worth the risk that he demands a trade as soon as he's signed, and then it'll be hard to find takers for a max deal?

Or, on the other hand, do players have too much leverage? Is it any advantage to be able to call a player a RFA when the player can essentially negate the supposed perk of being able to match by just indicating his desire that you don't match?

What would you do in that spot? So many different factors to consider. Really tough spot to be in for player as well as management. Very interesting.

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Orlando did it with Marcin

Orlando did it with Marcin Gortat a few years ago, why not.

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Yes Orlando did it to Gortat,

Yes Orlando did it to Gortat, but this situation is a little different. Gordon will be the leader of this team, and I dont know if Ill want him around by young draftees, Davis and Rivers, if he doesnt want to be there. If they keep him, I do not think he'll become a problem, but this is a thought. Also, talking about the future, I think Rivers is a 2 and cannot become a pg. Ill give Gordon his wish of going to Phoenix, but not for free. Since Phoenix now has Dragic at the pg, and let's not forget Aaron Brooks backing him up(doubt anyone else signs him), Ill offer them a sign and trade of Gordon and (Jack or Vazquez) for Marshall, Lopez (sign and trade), and a pick or two, since theyll have a bunch coming over from the Laker's Nash deal. Hornets will then have a young pg in Marshall to pair with Rivers and Davis, and also a potential starter in Robin Lopez to play the 5 which they have a big hole at the position. I think Marshall and Rivers meshes well in the backcourt, pass first and pass 2nd pg :-p with a scorer.

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Sign them and then trade him

Sign them and then trade him later if you don't want to keep him. Letting him walk for nothing or pennies on the dollar isn't the way to go. This is a business so you need to maximize your value whenever you can. A lot of teams are interested in him and that's just the teams that had the caproom. Could easily trade Gordon later

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This is a really good question

and the answer is, yes you do, if he has more value for your organization that way. If its true Gordon is a max player then match the offer. If he doesn't want to be there then trade him next year. There are so many teams that cant get free agents to come to their cities whether they have the space or not. Milwaukee, Cleveland, Toronto, Charlotte and so many others. So you sign him and offer him to a team that couldn't get him otherwise, especially cold weather teams. Look at Rudy Gay, all those teams would take him whether he wanted to be there or not, because he is a max guy who is borderline worth it like Gordon. Memphis hasn't moved him because they are asking a lot and they should. But in the case of Gordon if he doesnt want to be there then that is more incentive to move him maybe after next season and the price doesnt have to be that high. If he really didn't want to be in New Orleans he could have played this year for the qualifing offer, then left. Knowing they have the option to match he conceded that he wanted them to choose whether he was there or not.

The Lamar Odom scenario is completely different. He is not a professional and is a pu$$y. Almost no other player in the League besides Artest would create as much pessimism as Odom did. He quit and now the Clips are going to give him 8 million this season. Its a travesty. He should have to play overseas, I personally think there should have been a League wide colusion to black ball him. Teams dont want disgruntled vets to ruin young players but so what, I believe teams can match and trade a guy as long as its not to the team that signed him to a offer sheet.

I am never on the side of big business but these franchises have to stand up for themselves and more importantly their fans.

Can teams match a offer then trade the player immediately? I know they cant to the team that originally gave the offer sheet but can they send him anywhere esle? Can someone clarify.

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The Gordon case in particular,yes! Because he is young and talented. He has to stay healthy though. I think he is open to going back to New Orleans since he signed a 4 year offer this off-season instead of next, unless he's thinking about a future of being an oft-injured, star potential type of guy, which could be the case. Gordon is only 23 not 33. I think N.O. matches and just moves forward hoping he stays healthy.

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No - Then Yes. Then depends

No - Then Yes. Then depends on the player. In Gordon's case, N.O. definately has a right to derive value from him as an asset. If he really is worth the money they should sign him.

Long term, you don't want guys in your system that are not happy. Can poison the well for the whole team. Some players can be pros about it. Some players cannot. Gordon could go either way here.

In the end Gordon has no leverage. He does not have the right to dictate where he plays. If he really wants out, I agree with most of the comments above. Sign him and trade him. Who knows, maybe he comes around in the end. I can't see N.O. being the worst place in the world to play. Should have a solid future.

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Gordon Is Talented So Yes But In This Case No

I thought when NO drafted Davis and Rivers he would be ecstatic to stay but maybe with the crowning of Davis being the face of the Franchise and Rivers already being so popular I think he wants to start out fresh with a new organization his heart is in Phoenix No should match the deal then workout a sign in trade with Phoenix alleast they'll get something in return Rivers is a sg anyway not a pg he can fill in nicely for Gordon at the 2 spot

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If I were the Hornets I would do a sign and trade.

Trade Eric Gordon to the Suns for Markieff Morris, Sebastian Telfair, a future first round pick, and a future second round pick. Markieff Morris might be a good fit next to Anthony Davis. Telfair would be a solid backup point guard to Jarrett Jack or to Austin Rivers if they play Austin Rivers at point and move Jarrett Jack. The picks will come in handy too.

The Hornets can't afford to not get anything back if Eric Gordon goes to Phoenix.

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In this situation you almost

In this situation you almost HAVE to.. you gave up the best PG in the league for him..whether he's content or not you still keep him.. he's the third best sg (IMO) when healthy.. if he cries about it... trust me someone will give you something worthwhile for him ..but you must keep him or you're a joke of a franchise

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It worked for Ricky Rubio.

It worked for Ricky Rubio. Just play the waiting game and he'll come around!

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