Would you draft Ryan Kelly in the 2nd?

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Would you draft Ryan Kelly in the 2nd?

Would you draft Ryan Kelly?

I feel like Ryan Kelly's skills will translate to the league. Sure he doesn't rebound well, and he lacks athleticism but the guy has a great bbIQ. He's actually a better shot blocker than Mason Plumlee, and is great at defensive rotation, especially taking charges. His ballhandling skill is underrated, as he can create a bit for himself off the dribble. If a guy like Steve Novak can really succeed in the league, why can't Kelly? He's a deadeye 3 point shooter, and he is probably a better rebounder and defender than Novak.
If he qualified (didn't since he missed so much time) he would rank 10th nationally in offensive rating and 1sr in 3pt%.

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Matt Bonner/Steve Novak 2.0

The Novak comp is pretty much right on. I'd throw in the Red Rocket as another comp for him. I think he could make it as a 3 pt. specialist; I don't know if he'll be drafted, but if not, I'm sure some team would take a chance on him and he could play his way onto a team via the D League or Summer League.

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after last night........yes

after last night........yes

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Depends on what my team need

Depends on what my team need were and where in the 2nd round I'm drafting but I most likely would because he has a skill that directly translates, shooting. But I would worry about he defensively. He is a situational player but if Matt Bonner can be successful I don't doubt the can as well.

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All day,every day...dont

All day,every day...dont sleep on the man

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Kelly is a big guy who can

Kelly is a big guy who can defend and make shots from the outside. Those type of guys are hard to find and he will certainly have a place in the league. I doubt he will ever play as well as he did last night but he certainly can help a team win.

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Seeing as second round picks

Seeing as second round picks have no value, why not?

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Of course

He will no doubt get drafted. Name 60 players better than him. I think Kelly goes early to mid 2nd round because if the simple fact that he excels at 1 thing and that's shooting. Nearly all teams now are looking to spread the floor and that's exactly what Kelly does. And personally I feel his defense is more mental that physical. He smart so he takes charges and positions himself in the right places to make up for his defensive woes. He's not nearly as terrible as some if you claim

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If he was European, GM's

If he was European, GM's would be salivating about him. Kid is a basketball player period. So savvy.

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The man's 6-11 and has been shooting 70% from deep (28-40) in his last 10 games.

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I remember that a commentator

I remember that a commentator said ryan is an underrated defender.
I would use a mid-late 2nd pick to draft him

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