Would you do this Trade?

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Would you do this Trade?

Andrew Bynum for Kevin Love?

Would you do this trade. If not, who do you think would decline the deal? MIN or LA

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If I'm the Lakers I would.

If I'm the Lakers I would. They say if ain't broke don't fix it, but this just has too many positives. Bynum has played more than 65 games once, is extremely inconsistent, and is never running on all cylinders come playoff time. Love won't put up 20 a night (that isn't to say Bynum does), but he's a MONSTER on the glass and a terrific team player (his outlet passes are as good as advertised). Also, one cannot ignore the fact that Love can had be for $8.3 million over the next 2 years where Bynum is owed $29 million over that period, and the Lakers have the highest payroll in the league (while Minnesota will have one of the lowest).

If I were Minny I'd do it too. Bynum still has more potential than Love as an all-around force (I just don't see Love ever averaging more than 17 or so ppg) and would be a good fit on that team where he could finally get the looks his talent warrants.

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I think the only thing to

I think the only thing to consider in this trade for the lakers is the fact that youll be forced to play pau gasol at the 5 even though he's a much better 4. He can play the 5 for sure but they are much more effective in terms of an entire season and a title run is concerned with gasol at the 4. The lakers wouldnt be nearly as physically opposing in the middle any more which is their main advantage. It would definitely be interesting. Bynum in minnesota would get great stats probably 15-18 ppg and 8-10 rebs a game but his team would be awful. Especially if david kahn is still the GM.

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not in its current form

The Lakers would want

One of Minnesota's euro C's. preferably Darko, to keep their size advantage.


Doesn't want to be taking back that much sallary, so would also like to send another large (ish) contract back. in exchange for this minnesota would be looking to get a first rounder or 2 from LA

given love's production along with bynum's injury history and contract. minnesota should pass on the deal. it doesn't suit LA that well but it gives them a chance to go 2 for 1 with some younger players. and they now go close to 12 deep.

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Lol the only people that want

Lol the only people that want Darko is the Timberwolves my friend

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The GM of the wolves---
It's David Kahn and with that idiotic mind of his, anything can happen... He did sign Darko to a four-year deal right?
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some thoughts on Darko

i like paying out darko as much as the next person. And No competent GM should give away Al Jefferson because they have him, but as a back up center he is fairly paid. legit 7 footers are hard to find. And if jermaine O neil is worth about 7 million this year to be a backup.

id rather pay darko 4 million PA to be 7 feet 6 fouls with averages of 6 points, 4 boards and 1 block for 20 minutes of game time as a back up C

Take the other euro C kahn signed this summer if you want. but bynum for love without taking back one of them is stupid for LA. And the money isnt that big a deal, since by taking on bynum minnesota would be saving LA about 14 million in the first year, and more later.

I know draft busts are fun to pay out. and Darko will most likely never live up to his position. but if he had Gone pick 20 in that draft and had the same career everyone would be happy to have him on their team

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If I were the Lakers, I would

If I were the Lakers, I would refuse and force Minny to give up Beasley instead of Love. Both Bynum and Love are young but Bynum certainly has more potential than Love. And Beasley has so much untapped potential, that it just too much for the Lakers to pass up, and Phil Jackson I think would be the perfect coach to help him reach that potential. As well as the veteran presences of Kobe, Fisher, Odom, Artest, Ratliff, Blake and Barnes.
LA lineup

MInny lineup

(I giving you a point just for thinking of a Minny trade. They need to break up the Love/Beasley combo it aint gonna work, and nor will Darko at starting center work)

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roster composition


if the lakers want beasley, they can have him. LA would probably be able to get beasley and love for bynum.

And Darko would never start for LA and maybe shouldn't be included in this trade, but if LA don't get a 7ft player back for Bynum then they loose the massive length advantage, which is probably their biggest strength right now. Maybe LA tries to get a third team involved, but if LA cant replace bynum's length in a trade then they won't be able to beat miami.

Heres how LA's roster would look

PG Fisher/Blake/brown
SG Kobe/Barnes/Sasha
SF Artest/Walton/Ebanks
PF Odom/love/beasley
C Gasol/Darko is better then/theo ratliff

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I wouldn't trade for Love, I

I wouldn't trade for Love, I can see the Twolves going after Bynum he would do well being more of a focal point in the offense.
Foolish trade to move Bynum for Love and then not start Love.
Bynum on the Twolves well they traded Al Jeff away becaz of his contract so why would they want Bynum now.
Also why on earth would u give Beasley and Love for Bynum after getting Beasley for almost nothing.

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Theonly way the Lakers would

The only way the Lakers would trade Bynum could be for a franchise level big who would help the current run continue if Bynum does not fulfill his potential. With the 2012 FA market and Bynum's contract being a team option then surely the Lakers sit tight and see what happens.

They would not trade him prior to getting Pau Gasol when they looked at trying to get Jason Kidd to assit Kobe.

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