Would this work for the teams involved?

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Would this work for the teams involved?

Kings get: Elton Brand

76ers get: Hickson, Donte Greene, Francisco Garcia

This would allow the Kings to unclog a bit at the SF position and help make up for the loss of Hayes, it gives them experience and rebounding as is affordable for them to take on another $7.2 million.

This gives the 76ers quite a bit of financial relief and the option to develop two young forwards.

I admit that I have not been able to watch much of the 76ers lately so I was hoping for some feedback on whether or not they could use those players or if it would be worth to get rid of Brand's contract.

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It would only make sense if they planned on moving Iggy. Hickson could be a good back up PF but they would need to get a starting PF in the suggested trade.

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