Would this trade work?

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Would this trade work?

OKC Gets:Jason Thompson And Carl Landry

SAC Gets:Jeff Green

Reason:The Thunder need a solid big man who can score,rebound and defend. Jason Thompson can do that, he wont give you 20 points a game (but you they wont need that since Durant and westbrook will have most of the scoring) But he will give you a solid 12-14 points. He is an above average rebounder and can fit in well with the thunder (very athletic, can run the floor well, unselfish, good passer). He is not the best defender, (but serge ibaka can help with defending the low post). With Carl Landry, the thunder get a scoring big man off the bench (he can play the 6th man role he played in houston where he averaged 16 points a game in only 28 minutes) which the thunder dont have.With Getting Both Jason Thompson and Carl Landry they fill in two needs. Their Lineup (i imagine) would look Like This:

PG:Russell Westbrook

SG:Thabo Sefolosha

SF:Kevin Durant

PF:Serge Ibaka

C:Jason Thompson

6th:James Harden

7th:Carl Landry

Now the thunder get rid of green for a good price(green never fit in with the thunder anyway) =(. Sacramento now gets their future SF(Greens natural position) which they desperately need (omri casspi was never the answer) With green they get a versatile forward who can score, rebound and pass. And can play both the 3 and the 4.

Now their lineup should look like this:







Now this would make them have a fairly thin frontline, But Since green will switch to the 4 from time to time, and then they can also give the young hassan whiteside playing time so that he can develop.

Also, i think this would be a simple, realistic trade (not one of them trade 5 players in a trade type lol) but i wanna hear what yall think

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Idk if Jason Thompson is

Idk if Jason Thompson is worth it when they can go out and just sign Greg Oden this summer, or potentially Dwight Howard the next summer. Plus, I think that Jeff Green is a heck of a lot better skill wise than Thompson. They just need to make Green a bench player rather than the starting 4

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This is one of the most well

This is one of the most well thought out analysis when it comes to trades that I've seen in a while. Carl Landry plays great off the bench and Jason Thompson gives the Thunder great size. Although I do think Green could be worth a bit more.

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