would this trade work

we get rondo, and ray allen and brian scalabrine in exchange for nocioni kenny thomas and beno udrih
and we give our 4 pick for there first rounder next year projected win gain for the kings is 13 wins more importantly we know what wed get with rondo and allen
allen might have a year or two left in him and we can use that money later on rondo is one of the best pgs in the nba sure hes moody but so is rubio if were lucky enough to get him any thoughts?
hoopshype reported that allen and rondo are on the trade block as of today. this trade would put the kings back in the playoffs while our youngs have a chance to develop

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That would never happen,

That would never happen, Boston would get killed by that trade.

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No Way

Boston wouldn't give up two all star caliber players just to get nocioni.

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its not nocioni that would be the selling point

it would be the 4th pick

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Doesn't matter - no way it

Doesn't matter - no way it happens.

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really stupid. We as kings

really stupid. We as kings fans need to be realistic and understand that prayer/player type deals will not come to us and the NBA will not help us get better like how they help the Lakers get better.Hate the lakers ...fakers. They have never deserved the 3 best players O'neil, bryant, gasol. but history show how stern will turn his back and pretend that it is fair. That kind of stuff will never happen to the king or any other small market NBA team.

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That is the worst trade of

That is the worst trade of all time. But it would be very cool if it could happen haha.

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