Would Melo opt to be Kobe's Sidekick?

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Would Melo opt to be Kobe's Sidekick?

2 part question. I got this from Ryen Rusillo and the NBA Today podcast. He said 2 GM's he's talk to has stated: " Carmelo won't go to LA because he doesn't want to be Kobe's sidekick" This made me think two things: Isn't Phil Jackson leaving this year as well? So my two questions are:

Do you think Melo wants to be Kobe's Sidekick and Do you think Melo wants to play for the Lakers without Phil Jackson?

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I dont see Wade as Lebron's

I dont see Wade as Lebron's sidekick, (I do see Bosh as their busboy thou). I think that Carmelo would do most of the damage during games and Kobe would takeover in crunch time. If there was ever a coach accomplished enough to integrate a player like Melo into the triangle offence Phil Jackson is the guy, but as you see with Miami it is difficult.

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Being that Bron and Wade ae

Being that Bron and Wade ae both guys who naturally play better on ball and lack great off ball games, it probably is pretty hard to mesh the two. Kobe and Melo on the other hand, are more similar to Allen and Pierce in that neither has to have the ball in their hands to dominate, but would have it enough times to have a rhythm/flow offensively.

Melo wouldn't be the Sidekick, more like option 1b. Could you imagine if Kobe was actually not the guy who was the most feared on the cour. With Melo, Kobe will actually stop being doubled ad tripled. Personally I would LOVE to see them team up. Especially if they could get a Kwame Brown/Joel Pryzbilla/ or Sam Dalembert type to fill the 20-26 mpg that would be left with Bynum departing. Assuming he's the traded player.

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