Would It Be Better For NJ If Philly Were Stupid Enough To Pass On Turner?

As most people on here know, there are rumblings that the Sixers are thinking Favors might be their guy at #2. This is slightly misleading, but that is another topic. The point of this post is this: New Jersey would win this draft if they got Turner. Not because Turner is better than Favors or Cousins, but because it is the perfect scenario for free agency. New Jersey has needs on the wing and at PF. The only all star level SG expected to be in play this summer is Joe Johnson. The only SF besides LeBron (who most experts believe isn't signing with NJ no matter what) is Rudy Gay. PF on the other hand is a different story. David Lee, Amare Stoudamire, Chris Bosh, and Carlos Boozer will all be on the market. Simple math odds and logic would dictate that there is a better than 50% chance one of the frontcourt guys ends up in New Jersey, unless there are some unexpected sign and trades going down which are always super tough to execute and therefore most break down. (P.S. I personally believe NJ has a good shot at James even though most don't)

Which of these players will be a Net next season?
LeBron James
Rudy Gay
Joe Johnson
David Lee
Amare Stoudamire
Carlos Boozer
Chris Bosh

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maybe you're right that it would be better for the Nets, due to the point that there are plenty of good PF in FA. But I doubt it would happen especially the Wolves are desperately trying to move up in order to get Turner with the 2nd pick, it would just depend on what would Minny present on the table in order to get that 2nd pick.

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The 76ers wouldn't pass on

The 76ers wouldn't pass on Evan Turner straight up, they'd trade him. They'd want picks if they passed on Turner, so they can get Cousins AND some extra players too.

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I agree

I agree. I don't know where that Favors at #2 bullcrap came from, and that's coming from someone who has Favors as the best bigman in this draft.

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Minnesota is said to be in

Minnesota is said to be in love w/ Turner. A trade would make sense - the 4th & 16th pick for the #2 pick. Minny also has a late first rounder and atleast one 2nd rounder to sweeten the deal, if need be.

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I say Joe Johnson has the

I say Joe Johnson has the best shot of being a Net.

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This draft screwed the

This draft screwed the Nets...they will get suck with Favors and their best chance for a free agent was a PF. Now they wont get their PF in free agency because no one wants to sign on to share minutes with the number 3 pick, ego is too big. Plus Nets wouldn't want to waste such a huge chunk of their cap on a position they drafted so high.
They will not get Lebron or Wade and I think Joe Johnson will go to some larger market team that strikes out on the bigger names (Chi, NY, Miami).
This leads them to put a lot of their future on a rookie because they need to get competitive fast because of their move. If they move to Brooklyn as a non playoff team, that move can potentially be disastrous for the franchise.
Had they gotten wall or turner like they were supposed to then they could have easily made a quick move to sign a Boozer or Lee while other teams were drooling over Bosh and Amare and been a very legitimate team.
This lottery draft was more devastating to the Nets than people realize.

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Totally disagree, bkballer.

If the Nets don't get Wade or Lebron, they are better off waiting until next year and going hard at Carmelo Anthony (who just so happens to be from where? .... Brooklyn)

John Wall would have been ideal, but Derrick Favors could easily end up being the best player in this draft. If he is as good as a lot of experts and teams are claiming, in two years time, when the move is complete, he'll be ready to play big minutes. Harris can play like an all star when he's healthy. Brook IS an all star.

The lottery draft was disappointing, but might end up being ideal.

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no clear cut #2

In this draft there is not clear cut #2 best player. I don't think it would be foolish to pass on turner to get favors or cousins or motiejunas and + the nets would not really need turner anyway because they plan on getting a top flight wing in free agency. and also note that many people believe there are only two dominant players in this year's class: dwayne wade and lebron james. that's it. so there are no game changer bigs in free agency but the draft could offer some.

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uh yah the clear cut number 2 is Turner better than all the people you mentioned. and what "top flight wing" are the nets planning on getting? and no one thinks there is only 2 big name free agents, so i dont know what your blabbing about. there is Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Joe johnson, amare stoudemire, David Lee, Rude Gay. All all stars. Lebron and Wade being 2 of the top 4 players in the league is different then no one else being dominant

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Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire

Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer aren't game changing bigs?

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Forget this trade between the sixers

I say go after Lebron James. First point the Nets have a young group of guys with good talent. a solid big in Brook Lopez and a Proven point guard in Devin Harris. Second Point if Lebron James wants to leave Cleveland his first choice should be the Nets. one the knicks are shit, two why would you want to go to the city Micheal built. third if nets feel they should pay Cleveland for lebron, give the Cavs the 3rd, 27th, in this years draft, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Bobby Simmons and Keyon Dooling. fourth point if the nets are really moving to Brooklyn go with them the have the owner and city to market you as the knicks and Bulls. Fifth every home will be on National TV because ET is perfect prime time. Sixth if they do not get lebron, go after Johnson and Boozer and draft Wes Johnson to play the three to guard Elite Wing players.

If they get Lebron James:

PG: Devin Harris, Chris Quinn
SG: Courtney Lee, Terrence Williams
SF: Lebron James, Jarvis Hayes,Trenton Hassell
PF: Yi Jianlian, Josh Boone, Kris Humphries, Craig Brackins or Tiny Gallon with the 31st pick
C: Brook Lopez, Tony Battie

If Johnson and Boozer and Draft Wes Johnson

PG: Devin Harris, Chris Quinn, Keyon Dooling, Willie Warren 31st pick
SG: Joe Johnson, Courtney Lee, Chris Douglas-Roberts,
SF: Wes Johnson, Terrence Williams,
PF: Carlos Boozer, Yi Jianlian, Kris Humphries
C: Brook Lopez, Josh Boone, Solomon Alabi 27th pick

You cut Trenton Hassell, Bobby Simmons, Jarvis Hayes and Tony Battie in this case.

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Simmons, Hassel, Dooling,

Simmons, Hassel, Dooling, Hayes, Battie and Quinn all expire July 1st, so you don't have to worry about those guys.

They draft before free agency and since they arn't allowed to speak with the FAs before July 1, they have no idea who they will be signing. Meaning they can't draft Johnson anticipation getting Boozer ect.

Does anyone think that if this team is series about getting Lebron that getting the #3 was the best thing to happen to them? Turner and Wall both need the ball to be effective, just like Lebron, and frankly I'd rather have LBJ have the ball more then a rookie. With Favors, he gets a super athletic 4 to run the pick and roll, throw up lobs and run in transition with. I know if I was LBJ I'd rather have a potential Amare to make myself look good instead of a ball dominant guard to take away from my game..

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they would have had a great summer if the got a wall/turner and a david lee

now they just get favors

Lebron is not going to leave cleveland for new jersey....thats just dumb

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Yeah I agree with the 1st post and last.

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