Would Dwight Howard sign with The Hawks...

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Would Dwight Howard sign with The Hawks...

Could the Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry with the aid of fellow ATLien Josh Smith convince Dwight Howard to sign an Extension with his hometown Hawks...The Magic could be forced to trading Howard, why not get Horford and Harris plus some 1st round draft picks in 2013 and 2015

The Hawks Trade Al Horford, Devin Harris and 1st round Draft Picks in 2013 and 2015 to Orlando for Dwight Howard...

Howard gets to go back to Atlanta where he grew up and played his H.S ball...D12 and J.Smooth would make a deadly defensive duo and Jeff Teugue and John Jenkins could feast from behind the arc...

Does this makes sense for Atlanta, Orlando and Dwight Howard???

The Magic get a former All Star Pf/C, a Pg that thrived in The Eastern Conferce and some draft picks to rebuild post Superman

Al Horford, a resigned Ryan Anderson, focused Big Baby Davis and rookie Andrew Nicholson make for a good rotation at Pf and C, hopefully Daniel Orton steps up for them and gives them some defense and rebounding at The C spot too...They'd have some work to do finding talent at Sg and Sf, but Nelson, Harris, Richardson, Reddick and Hedo will have to do for a year or two...Next year's draft could provide the Magic with their Sg and Sf of the future...

For the Hawks, Jeff Teague, John Jenkins and Ivan Johnson would give them some youth next to Howard and Smith and they can get a Sf in Free Agency like Mike Beasley to fill out their starting lineup...Teague-Jenkins-Beasley-Smith and Howard...they'd have an explosive offense with two elite shot blockers at Pf and C, one being the best Center on the Planet...

Would Howard be happy in Atlanta...???

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I just beat you to a

I just beat you to a Haward/ATL post! And I think he'll consider Atl, but other pieces has to fall. He hasnt because it was impossible before, but now he will. As it stands, Atl can sign D12 outright this offseason. I can see Orl taking the deal youve posted. Thing is, Howad and Smith will need another star to compete against Mia/Oklahoma City, Chicago, Lakers. Atl will need to let D12 and Smith's contract expire, so that theyll have the space to sign another star, like Chris Paul? Who is reportedly wanting to test FA. Then Atl can resign them. This is risky however. IF D12 really wants to be happy, and to win, he must decide to play out the year in Orl, then sign with Atl in the offseason. D12-Hartford-Smith front line is a monster. Atl will have a great draft pick also, and the cap space to sign another star (before resigning Smith).

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Side note

Another interesting side note is Morrow incl in trade from NJ is also ATL native and great friend of Howard

things got really interesting fast

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Al Horford, Jeff Teague, Zaza

Al Horford, Jeff Teague, Zaza Pachulia, Johan Petro, Jordan Farma and draft picks for Dwight Howard, Hidayet Turkoglu and Chris Duhon.
for who this trade scenario good?
and for what kind of team it conductive Atlanta to be?

Davin Harris/Chris Duhon
Anthony Morrow/John Jenkins
Hidayet Turkoglu/Deshawn Stevenson
Josh Smith/Ivan Johnson/Mike Scott
Dwight Howard/Jordan Williams

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I haven't heard Hedo Turkoglu

I haven't heard Hedo Turkoglu get called Hidayet in about 10 years haha. +1 for the old school drop.

Reminds me of Leandrinho Barbosa and Zaur Pachulia and Pradraig Stojakovic

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Well New Jersey is over

Well New Jersey is over trying to acquire Dwight Howard and he has to go somewhere. I'd have to imagine that Rob Hennigan and the Magic will be happy to acquire Al Hoford along with other pieces for Dwight. If the Hawks are offering Horford, Devin Harris, and some picks it would seem like a best case scenario trade. Dwight is from Atlanta, New Jersey has moved on and with the Joe Johnson deal with the likely re-signing of Deron Williams there won't be any money left for him. Hopefully Howard will re-sign to play with friend in Josh Smith and Anthony Morrow. Josh Smith would be the best player Howard has played with since Tracy McGrady in his rookie year.

A front line of Howard and Smith is a definite no fly zone for slashers.

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to convince Dwight Ferry

to convince Dwight Ferry could always call up Randolph Morris and Javarris Crittenton and relieve the Atlanta Celtics days.

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why would atl trade Horford.

why would atl trade Horford. They dont want to part with him at all

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