Would D.Howard want Cleveland?

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Would D.Howard want Cleveland?

Howard supposedly likes Houston: they're up-and-coming. Maybe he'd like Cleveland, playing with Kyrie Irving.

Cleveland's going to be real good pretty soon and they've got a bunch more 1st rounders on the way from old trades. They'll be good for a while.

They could ship Varejo, sign and trade D. Gibson, and ship the 1st draft pick (Nerlens Noel?) to L.A. for Dwight. Noel isn't ever going to be Dwight Howard, but what else is L.A. going to do at this point?

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We don't want him in

We don't want him in Cleveland. We are building something special with Kyrie, Waiters, Thompson and now the 1st pick of 2013 draft. We don't need an injured clown on this team. Id be happy to just nab a couple of older guys in the FA who will help these young guys develop.

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I'm a Lakers fan and trust me

I'm a Lakers fan and trust me Dwight would never want to play for Cleveland. Besides Lakers don't rebuild they reload.

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Yeah the most recent "reload"

Yeah the most recent "reload" sure worked out.

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The Lakers reloaded with the

The Lakers reloaded with the wrong bullets..

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A better question is would

A better question is would Cleveland want D.Howard, and the answer to that is a big fat no, as nick5354 outlined above.

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Dwight is a free agent why

Dwight is a free agent why would we have to give the Lakers the first overall pick to get him?

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