would cleveland trade the 4th for the 7th and 9th?

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would cleveland trade the 4th for the 7th and 9th?

they are trying to add picks

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They want Jonas and he seems

They want Jonas and he seems likely to fall to #7 since he isn't going to come over next season. I think you have too since the player you want will still be there

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If Enes Kanter isn't

If Enes Kanter isn't available then absolutely

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Trade Bait

Cavs should forc e the issue and take Tristan Thompson at #4(whom the Bobcats want at 7 and just made that trade for) and make Charlotte trade them 7 and 9. Otherwise Charlotte may sit back and let Tristan fall to them.

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If the Cavs reached for

If the Cavs reached for Thompson at 4 then it would probably push Jonas down to the Bobcats as either Kanter or Knight would probably go 5 and a lot would depend on who the Wizards took at 6 as then you could have Jonas and Biyombo who could go 7 and 8 if the Kings/Cats/Bucks trade goes through so both Detroit and Charlotte get a big and Charlotte may take Leonard at 9.

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