Worth the pick

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Worth the pick

Were these players worth the pick they were taken in?

Hasheem Thabeet? no.2 2009

Mike Conley? no.4 2007

Andrea Bargnani? no.1 2006

Andrew Bogut? no.1 2005

Emeka Okafor? no.2 2004

Brandon Roy? no.6 2006

Ben Gordon? no.3 2004

Martell Webster? no.6 2005

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hasheem-hell no

conley-yes,cause memphis needed and i think that there wasnt better player than him on board(Noah isnt nothing more than a role player)

Bragnani-No,i dont know why he was 1st pick,maybe raptors really thought that theyre getting nowitzki..

Bogut-No,but i can live with this pick,i think real mistake was marvin williams who hawks chose with the 2nd and they needed pg (paul,williams,felton still on the board)

Okafor-i think yes,same thing with bogut,you cant teach height...(and he is 4th best playe outta this draft so he isnt really bust)

Roy-Yes,i hope injuries dont destroy his career

Gordon-yes,solid player,good sixthman but his effort is what i dont year he is tearing up with bulls,gets money and dissapears

Webster-No,one of those He is athletic,just finished HS,he could be next Kobe or james pick

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i think Bogut has grown to

i think Bogut has grown to give you what you expect from a center picked first overall.. just a shame that CP3 and D-Will were in the same draft cus with them picked behind Bogut you cant say he was worth that choice.

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Hasheem Thabeet? no.2 2009 -

Hasheem Thabeet? no.2 2009

- No, horrible pick, especially when you already have a young, above-average 7-1 center. They would've been better off going for more depth with a combo guard like Tyreke or Curry, both of whom would definitely start not just based on talent but because of the problems Memphis has had with shooting guards this year.

Mike Conley? no.4 2007

Conley had all the tools to be a very successful pro and he was only 19, and the Grizzlies did need a point guard, so even though he's not an All-Star, it was a good pick.

Andrea Bargnani? no.1 2006

I think this pick is hard to fault. Bargnani was the ideal pick because of how he could team with Bosh to form one of the league's biggest and most skilled combos of big men. It would be easy to say they should've picked Roy or Gay but both had question marks and Bargnani was almost universally perceived to be the top prospect.

Andrew Bogut? no.1 2005

Again, easy to point out the point guards that went 3, 4 and 5, but Bogut is a solid 7-0/250 and had just won POY. Centers are even more valuable than PG's these days, there's only one superstar (Dwight) and very few stars (if any, really), so it's hard to fault that selection.

Emeka Okafor? no.2 2004

I really liked this pick - lest we forget, Bill Simmons thought he should go #1. He was just a monster in college, averaging 18 points, 11.6 boards and 4.1 blocks his senior year for a championship team. He could play PF or C and he actually became just the third player in 15 years to average a double double each of his first five seasons in the league. In hindsight there's almost always someone you could pick ahead of the #2 guy, but as far as #2 guys go Okafor was a great pick, and a fittingly safe one as the Bobcats were just starting out.

Brandon Roy? no.6 2006

Even if he never plays again, great pick. He changed Portland from the 'Jailblazers' back to the Blazers and restored a winning attitude that they can carry on even when he's gone.

Ben Gordon? no.3 2004

Very good pick. The Bulls knew he wouldn't be All-NBA 1st team ever and he did just what he was asked to do, which was was averaging 18.5 ppg for Chicago even though he only started half the games he played in. If he was a full-time starter he could've been a 22 ppg guy easily.

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Hasheem ..NO..The Grizzlies

Hasheem ..NO..The Grizzlies owner didnt hide the fact that he wanted Tyreke Evans ..But after several meetings they decided they needed a defensive presence more....I watched his entire career and i thought always felt he would be a backup..

Mike Conley...I wasnt expecting him to go that high..He looked more like a backup to me...He was riding high becuz of Ohio State's success that year..He doesnt have the best court vision ,has trouble going east to west on the court ,gets beat on defense and is a streaky shooter..And after 4 years in the nba ,it looks like i was right...

Bargnani...My top 3 players from that 2006 draft were Rudy Gay,Brandon Roy & LaMarcus Aldridge..I had Bargnani as the 4th best prospect...

Bogut...Yes...i threw my drink at the tv when the Hawks failed to pick CP3 at number 2...

Okafor..Yes...He had the look of an all star type center..But he didnt look like a franchise kind of player to me...His career hasnt been bad,but i think it could've been better than what he has shown so far...

Brandon Roy..I had him as 1 of the 3 best players in the draft..

Ben funny thing about Gordon is, i heard 1 scout say that if BG doesnt go to Chicago at number 3 he might slide into the 2nd round...I found that very strange...Man i bet he and the Bulls want to be reunited so

Martell Webster...No...Overrated,Scouts didnt want to miss that next high school sensation...He's 1 of those high school guys that career would be so much better if they had went to college...

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Thabett looks like the biggest mistake here to me... and its by a wide margin.

Marc Gasol has developed into an above average starter. He won't wow you by any means but he does the dirty work and hits the boards. He is a good for besdie Z-BO.

Thabett honestly looks about the same as Whiteside and Whiteside went in the 2nd round. Either Kings got a huge steal or Memphis look like they messed up big time.

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Why is Brandon Roy on the

Why is Brandon Roy on the list? With or without the injuries he is the best player on the list, so yes he was worth the pick.

If I were the Bulls I would have took Shaun Livingston over Ben Gordon, that's just me personally.

Martell was a prospect who was already physically gifted as a HS player which helped his cause of being NBA ready. What really made him a hot commodity was when he was lights out in the Mickey D's game. I forgot who they were comparing him to at the time during the game.

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It's easy to talk about this

It's easy to talk about this sort of thing in hindsight. The draft is a guessing game a lot of times and we players get drafted by a team's best guess.

Hasheem Thabeet: No. 2 - 2009

The Grizzlies knew he was a high risk pick going in. While the '09 hasn't quite turned out to be star-studded as yet, they could have gotten a player like Evans, Curry or Jennings who would have helped them more. Memphis is a small-market team who isn't going to draw the big-name free agents, so they should try to build their team through the draft. Taking a player with far less question marks than Thabeet would have been the smart move, especially with Marc Gasol already on the roster. So, I'll say no.

Mike Conley: No. 4 - 2007

Here is a list of players picked in the lottery after Conley in the 2007 draft:

5: Celtics - Jeff Green (traded to Seattle). - Good player but would have been duplication with Rudy Gay

6. Bucks - Yi Jianlian

7. Timberwolves - Corey Brewer

8. Bobcats - Brandan Wright (traded to Golden State)

9. Bulls - Joakim Noah - One of the top players on this list, but Conley probably fit a bigger need at the time

10. Kings - Spencer Hawes

11. Hawks - Acie Law

12. 76ers - Thaddeus Young

13. Hornets - Julian Wright

14. Clippers - Al Thornton

With this in mind, I'm going to say he was worth it.

Andrea Bargnani: No. 1 - 2006

I will say yes. Given Roy's injuries, I don't think there is a single player from this draft I'd rather have than Bargnani. His size and inside/outside game, to me, make him the most appealing player to come out of this draft. The possible exception may be Gay, but he had some question marks coming in.

Andrew Bogut: No. 1 in 2005

Gotta go with a yes here even though D-Will and CP3 came out of this draft. The Bucks were desperate for size and Bogut has that. He has developed into one of the top centers in the East and if he can get/stay healthy, should have a good career.

Emeka Okafor: No. 2 in 2004

Yes. Okafor was the best player in college basketball at the time. I thought his career would have been much better than it turned out, not that it's turned out badly. (13.1 PPG, 10.3 RPG, 1.8 BPG, .514 FG %) He fit the drafting style of the Bobcats - taking proven college players from solid programs.

Brandon Roy: No. 6 - 2006

Yes. He was the top player out of this draft unitl injuries raised concerns about his future. Those concerns did not exist when he was drafted.

Ben Gordon: No. 3 -2004

Gordon was a major contributor on an outstanding UConn team. Very few, if any teams would have allowed him to slide much further. Gotta go with yes.

Martell Webster: No. 6 - 2005

No. I'm pretty sure Webster is one of the reasons players can't enter the NBA directly from high school anymore.

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Hasheem Thabeet - just

Hasheem Thabeet - just doesn't get the playing time probably because his Head Coach doesn't think he merits it, had a good blocking record last year but has done nothing this year. Was projected to be a shot changing defensive force but is coming up well short.

Mike Conley- got a nice contract extension and has improved his stats each year, Memphis needed a PG then and he's developing nicely but could his ceiling be a Ray Felton at Charlotte type player.

Andrea Bargnani- the Raptors could not have taken Aldridge as Bosh was their incumbent PF so taking Bargnani was natural, he gives Toronto almost the points that Bosh did but needs to be a better rebounder.

Andrew Bogut - CP3 and Deron may have become better players but Bogut has become one of the best young C's in the NBA and maybe no more could have been expected of him.

Emeka Okafor - okay he's not Dwight Howard but gives you a double-double and blocks a load of shots, pity his scoring has tailed off a bit since his rookie year but he got a big extension and is a solid complimentary starter.

Brandon Roy- shouldn't even be considered, forget the current injury just regard him as one of Kevin Pritchard's best drafts.

Ben Gordon - a pure scorer but not much else, should he start or be a super 6th man the debate goes on but he got a big extension so is he really bothered.

Martell Webster - Portland could have had CP3 or Deron but Webster was their trade down option in 2005, never quite reached the level it had been hoped he would, continues to put up good stats from the T-Wolves bench but most of their roster do and they still struggle.

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I dont think Bargnani was worth the pick because that same year, Rudy Gay, Brandon Roy, Rajon Rondo, Paul Milsap and Tyrus Thomas were drafted. Bargnani can shoot the three ball and is a good midrange player, but he doesnt give you any blocks, rebounds and is probably the worst starting center defensively in the league. I think he is one of the main reasons Bosh departed because that draft had some talent that they could of used. I think Bargnani is a very good player but he doesnt warrant a number 1 pick.

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Bargnani is way ahead of

Bargnani is way ahead of Tyrus Thomas and Paul Millsap, no-one knew that Brandon Roy would turn out to be so elite but hindsight in a draft is always easy and with the likes of Bargnani, it comes down to was he the best pick for Toronto at the time. Likewise no-one really mentioned that the Bucks or Atlanta should take CP3 or Deron Williams in 2005 yet in hindsight imagine either of them alongside Joe Johnson or a peak Michael Redd and you have a fairly elite backcourt.

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