worst draft of all time

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worst draft of all time

What are you guys opinions on worst draft of all time? I have to go with the 2000 NBA draft because if you look at the careers of all the players Jamal Crawford probably ends up being the best. Kenyon Martin early in his career was really good just injury prone I can see the similarities between him and Noel.

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The 2000 NBA draft was pretty

The 2000 NBA draft was pretty bad.

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As bad as this draft is, I

As bad as this draft is, I doubt it will be as bad as 2000.

I'd say Michael Redd was the best player from 2000, he had a nice run before some injuries killed him.

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Just looked back at the 2000

Just looked back at the 2000 draft and even this one promises to be better than that one. 2001 and this one may be similar with some late surprises. 2000 was definitely the worse by far.

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Kenyon Martin was a physical

Kenyon Martin was a physical beast with an NBA body, tailor made to bang on the boards and get dirty playing post defense. Noel has the physique of a starved Somalian refuge. I'm gonna laugh watching Noel fight for rebounds with guys like Reggie Evans and Kenneth Faried. The only thing they have in common is an ACL tear.

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I'm with fcb206, I just don't

I'm with fcb206, I just don't see it in Noel. He screams bust in terms of being the #1 pick. Kwame wouldn't have been so picked on if he was taken in the 20s. The #1 pick comes along with pressure and expectation that I don't think he's going to live up to.

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Here's the funny part, look

Here's the funny part, look back at the 1st pick in the 2000 draft (kenyon martin):

a 6'7.5'' / 6'9'' 234 lb power forward
6'11'' wingspan
not a great shot blocker
weird looking jump shot
not insanely athletic

in a normal draft, that player falls to the mid teens

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I show my friends the 2000

I show my friends the 2000 draft all the time and point out how little of those players are left in the NBA. They tell me, "dude its been 13 years", and I have to remind them that half of the guys in the first round didn't even last 5 seasons.

There's NO way that this draft is as bad as 2000. It should be worth noting that teams not picking in the first couple of picks will tend to settle on specialty players as opposed to drafting projects.

In the year 2000, for all you know, players like Steven Adams, Isaiah Austin, and Rudy Gobert would probably join Noel and McLemore in the top 5. They'd probably be going in from high school too, without the year of seasoning past their 18th year.

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