Word on the streets (Trade Rumor)

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Word on the streets (Trade Rumor)

a close source to me has told look for the Utah Jazz and LA Lakers to be making a trade.

UTAH would get Pau Gasol and Steve Blake

LA Lakers would get Paul Millsap and devin harris

AGAIN THIS IS A RUMOR I HEARD from a ex Nba Scout. The Lakers are gonna make a deal. Also heard Gasol Wants to play with Rubio.

Remember you heard this first from your favorite rapper flynt flossy

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Bull. Shit.

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Utah should be looking to get

Utah should be looking to get younger. They have good young post players already behind millsap and jefferson. I think its a fair trade but it just doesnt make sense for the Jazz as far as the direction they should be heading. Plus that leaves utah without a starting PG. Maybe get a 3rd team involved somehow and let the jazz get some young pieces.

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maybe third team can be toronto, who can give up calderon and get back kanter?

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If I'm Utah I would say "no" to this deal.

The proposed deal does not work. According to ESPN's trade machine Utah would have to include 5 million more in order for it to work. Meaning Utah would have to send Miles or Bell to the Lakers in order for the trade to work. If I am Utah, I am saying "no" to this deal even though the Jazz would get Gasol, why because Millsap cannot be dealt. Utah likes him, he plays well and he would be an excellent backup to Favors and Kanter once they are ready to start. Utah has to be looking to the future. (ie Favors and Kanter in the starting frontcourt) I don't think Pau Gasol would be happy backing up Favors or Kanter in the future. I'd say "no" to this deal unless Jefferson is involved instead of Millsap. Trading Jefferson and Harris to the Lakers for Blake and Gasol would work. But even if Jefferson is involved instead of Millsap, I would still strongly consider saying "no" just because Utah needs to be looking to the future. Can they possibly get Gasol out of Utah by next offseason or next year's trade deadline in order to start Kanter and Favors. I don't think Gasol would be happy if he is traded 2 years in a row(This year to Utah and the following year to elsewhere from Utah). Which means he would probably not play that well in Utah because he would be disgruntled. He might even play worse than Jefferson is playing right now. So I'd still say "no" even if Jefferson is involved instead of Millsap.

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if im LA im going to need

if im LA im going to need gordon hayward or josh howard out of it too. if im the jazz im gonna need a first round pick along with it. overall a silly trade

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I already posted a thread

I already posted a thread about this, but Sheed is headed to LA. Appernetly he's in the best shape he's been in in yers.

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