Wolves/Pacers Rumor; Kahn Should Keep the Pick

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Wolves/Pacers Rumor; Kahn Should Keep the Pick

This Danny Granger to the Wolves trade rumor is very crazy. Rubio Beasely and the 2nd round pick being discussed as part of a whole? What do you guys think?

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Kahn already joked about if

Kahn already joked about if he has to include Love in the deal. There's no chance of this happening.

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Honestly considering what the

Honestly considering what the wolves need if he could package up #2 + Beasley + Pekovic for Hibbert + George he could save himself from having to make any more embarrasing picks this year while also shoring up the starting SG and C spots fielding a roster of (assuming Rubio comes over)


Find a buyer for Randolph's + Johnson's potential (hopefully for a 3) and draft Brooks / Morris at #20 and he has an actual NBA team. Of course theirs no way Indiana goes for that but I can dream

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He needs to start winning.....

or he'll lose his job. I think he moves this pick for sure for a Vet.

Granger would be a huge upgrade of anyone available in this draft.

Move the pick and hope they're and 8th seed. He might keep his job.

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Too much

That would be too much for Granger. They already have Beasly at the SF and Granger's game is similar - slasher that doesn't play D. If they can sign Rubio before the draft, trade the 2, 20 and Beasly for Tyreke



W Johnson/Webster



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Pacers SG/PF

What is the Pacers long term plan at SG and PF? Paul George seems to be more of a SF. They had him playing SG at the end of the season. I see him more as a slashing SF. I think his game is similiar to Danny Granger's. So trading Granger seems plausable. He has been with the Pacers a long time in NBA terms. I don't think they stand a good chance with Granger as their best player. They are stuck being a middle of the road team. Though I do not see why they would trade for Ricky Rubio. They have Darren Collison he is young and they seemed high on him when they acquirred him right before this/last season. The Pacers have three quality/above average starters in Collison, Granger and Roy Hibbert. They have two major holes at SG and PF. I do not see them trading Collison and Hibbert because they both have potential. Trading Granger makes the most sense of the three as he has probably peaked. Granger would be well served being on a team being a second scoring option. The Pacers should see what they can obtain for Granger and give Paul George a chance to start at SF.

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